The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Still Kicking

Figured it was time to throw something up here to stop the blog from being sent to the abyss.  I will say that I use the blog a lot more for research purposes then I would have ever thought when I stopped posting in 2018.  It would be upsetting to see it disappear.  

When I was blogging I was a notorious unorganized collector but I kept my blog tidy.  The use of tags of the players mentioned in each post proved to be very helpful in my organization of my collection post blogging.   Those mail day posts that seemed forced and boring were some of the most helpful! 

I'm come a long way in getting things in order.  

My initial thought was to get all my WVU collection in binders.  Figured this was a doable venture and eventually I accomplished that goal.   I took that momentum (plus the time that Covid gave me for indoor projects) and started chipping away at Pirate stuff.  This helped me get cards that had been stored away since I was in high school/college into a more accessible area.  Still a ton of work to do but it's fun to think of a player like Kevin Young and in a matter of seconds have access to all the cards I have of him.  

I'm still actively buying cards, just in different ways.  In the blogging years it was 90% eBay and the rest COMC.   That has flipped to being predominantly COMC with a few trusted Twitter sellers helping me out with my more obscure card projects.  My eBay purchases these days are mainly Topps Now or team breaks when Heritage is released.  

My brain hasn't adjusted to how much people are willing to pay for cards.  It's a good thing, but I'm no longer able to find obscure 90's cards in the $5-10 range, or Bowman parallels of obscure prospects.  The awesome thing about cards though is that you can always find something to grab your attention.  Lately I've been messing around with Pirate Topps Black parallels and college issue (ie Prizm Draft) autos of Pirate prospects.  Getting a lot of autos for $3-$10 range which is a significant discount compared to Bowman.  

I'm still active on Twitter or X or whatever the hell it is.  I do like interacting with a lot of my old blogging friends there.  If you're on there come find me.   


See ya in a couple years...