The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Trade: Catching Up With Collecting

I've been holding onto this trade package for about a week and a half. Jared from Catching Up With Collecting sent so much great stuff that I needed to find the time to sort and scan.  Thankfully today was that day!

 I'm a documented lover of the Diamond Kings set. The older guys like Honus get around the licensing issue pretty easy.
Felix was a high draft pick by the Buccos (2nd round in 2006), but the control never came around. He didn't make it out of A ball.
 Pretty pumped to see this card. Taillon should debut at some point this year. He was drafted 2nd overall in 2010 right after Bryce Harper and before Manny Machado. Health has been an issue the last two years, but he is still young and very much part of the future for the Bucs.
 Cole Train rookie!
 A trifecta of awesomeness.

 These counterpart cards are pretty cool and sometimes comical. Caminiti was a much better player than Randa, but at least Randa had a long career. The comical one was the Jermaine Allensworth and Bernie Williams.  I don't think I would consider them a "counterpart."
 A very young Jason Kendall looking to get the out call at the plate.
 These older press proofs were pretty cool.  Digging this Cordova!
 Rabbit will haunt your dreams.
 I think everyone loves Ted Williams cards.  Also, the Collect-A-Books remind me of my childhood.
 Some update Buccos that had short stays to go along with a gold Vance Worley.
 early 80's Buccos.
 Jared sent an array of stickers.
 A mustard oddball of Scott Erickson and John Smiley.
 A mini and regular issue of the owner of the greatest game ever pitched.
 I've been on a Pacific kick lately. Nice to get some in a trade!
I'm a huge of all the Finest sets except for the 2015 version. That one didn't do much for me. 

 I've been trying to go back and add some of the variants from Gold Label. They are getting tough to find.
 I'm sure Dime Box Nick has talked about this Turner Ward. What a great card.
Finish up strong with the consensus best set of 2015, Topps Stadium Club. The Van Slyke was one of my favorites.

Thanks for all the great cards Jared. Sorry for the delay in getting them posted. You sent so many great cards that I wanted to be able to scan a majority of them.  I'll be hitting you back soon!

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sexy Party Time (2 Year Contest)


As of yesterday Bob Walk the Plank turned 2 years old! Let's have a contest. As with all my contests I'll randomize and pick 3 winners. I will customize the packages to each persons collection.  All you need to do is comment.

The past two years have been a blast. I have no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. It has been fun getting to know so many great collectors and spreading cards all over the US, Canada and Europe. Let's keep the momentum going !

Here is why some of posts are very brief.  My helper gets a little anxious.

Thanks for a great two years!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Trade: Cards My Mother Didn't Throw Out

It is always exciting to get cards from a new trade partner.  A couple weeks back I approached JayP from the new blog Cards My Mother Didn't Throw Out about a trade. We exchanged addresses and before I knew an envelope was in my mailbox.

 Like most people who collected the cards before the internet I relied on Beckett Magazine for my card news and price guide. It was always exciting to get the new magazine and check how valuable my 1989 Donruss set was.

Now it is almost comical to look at a copy of the magazine from the junk wax era.
You could make a pretty fun mini collection just chasing new releases of legend players. I'm not talking "hits", but cards like this awesome Legendary Cuts Honus Wagner. What a cool looking card.

 A couple of cool Jason Kendall's. If you were a fan of the Pirates in the late 90's you loved Kendall. The guy could do everything. He was such a unique talent for the catcher position. He was a high obp guy who could run well.  I'm digging the action shot on the Premier Prospects card.
 A lot of people forget that Wakefield was a Pirate.
 Giles consistently put up MVP numbers for the Pirates, but the team was so horrible that he was an after thought. Also hurt that their was a guy named Bonds in San Francisco.
 The Warren Morris is a parallel numbered /200. Hey, there is another modern Wagner. Maybe I should start that mini collection.
The old timey warmup that Maz is wearing looks like a Hefty bag.

I really liked the early 2000's Archives sets.  I would often open boxes and chase the Fan Favorite Pirates. The new sets have really priced out a majority of recreational box busters. The Major League and Will Ferrell autos made the prices shoot well past $100 a box. That is a little rich for my blood.

Thanks for breaking the ice JayP.  I'm still waiting on a card for you, but is expected tomorrow. I'll work on the return package this weekend.  I think you will really like it.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Main Event of the Bay Collection

Sometimes you just have to spoil yourself.

2006 Ultimate Collection Griffey JR/Jeter/Bay Triple Auto /50

Back when I got my first "real job" it was pretty common for me to buy cards like this. I was single and was card crazy.  Nowadays these type of  premium cards are a once or twice a year event that usually centers around birthday or Christmas time. 

I purchased this card back in the early fall as a birthday present to myself. Over the years I've had a few of these slip through my fingers including a failed in person trade at a card shop. It probably was a blessing is disguise as Bay's star would fade due to injury. This probably helped in making the card more affordable. 

Thanks to blogging I really don't have that crazy drive to add cards like this anymore. I think it helped me realize that I can have a collection I like without having the buy the latest and greatest. Don't get me wrong I love getting these premium cards (and I especially love this Bay card), but I get the same enjoyment from finding a cool 90's insert or a $7 Starling Marte auto. 

Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jonas Delivered a Knockout

For the most part my area is accustomed to dealing with snow. With that being said their is nothing you can do when you get close to two feet in less that 24 hours. Check out some of these pictures.

The final tally for my area was around 20-22 inches.  Some of the poor souls who live in the eastern panhandle got the full blunt of the storm with some receiving over 40 inches.

The last couple of days the weather has improved with temperatures getting in the 40's. Now we get to see that disgusting looking half melted snow/slush until March.

I'm off to the WVU basketball game tonight.  The Mountaineers are still in the top 10! Let's Go!

Thanks for reading.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Spanky Buyback

2015 Leaf 25th Buyback Mike LaValliere Buyback Auto/40

If only this card would have had a "Spanky" inscription it would have easily made my top ten list.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this card hit eBay. LaValliere only had one certified auto that I knew of and it featured him in his White Sox uniform. I bought that card last year thinking it would be my only chance for a certified auto. 

The guy is the epitome of world class athlete, right? The physique of a Greek God and the looks of a Hollywood star!

In all seriousness it is always exciting to see a guy like LaValliere get some love from a new set. Say what you want about the Leaf buyback process, but it is super cool that they went out of there way to get some lesser known names to sign from the 1990 set. I hope that Jay Bell will get one soon.  

The card itself cost me more in shipping than auction price (around $4.25).  I know Van Slyke is in the set as well, but the card is going for a little more than I'm willing to pay right now. 

Yay Spanky! 

Thanks for reading. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016


It is nothing out of the ordinary for me to receive a package from France these days. My good pal Kevin usually hooks me up with great stuff to go along with our box break loot. This time around he gave me a heads up that a package would be coming from stateside, but that it was from him. He didn't tell me what it would be, but he said I would know it when I see it.

Boy was he right. If you want to get a Pirates fan attention this guy usually does it.......

Not everyday you get Clemente in a trade. 

Kevin is showing off now......

 A Clemente trifecta!!!!!!!!

Holy crap Kevin! You really outdid yourself by sending three Clemente's! I was so pumped seeing these three pop out of the bubble mailer. I think my personal favorite is the close up 65, but that batting leaders card has a nice cameo from Hank Aaron as well. It will be hard to equal the awesomeness of this package, but I will give it the old college try next time I ship out to France.  

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Trade: ARPSmith Dug Deep

Set collecting is something I enjoy, but at the beginning of the year I decided that I would take a break from starting new ones. I feel the money is better spent on the Pirate and WVU needs.

With that being said I still have several loose ends to finish up from the last couple seasons. I added a set needs tab on the blog with the hope of finishing up the remaining sets. Stadium Club has been going pretty well, but I knew the Panini products would be a challenge as most people don't like Donruss and Prizm.

Thankfully Adam of ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession came to the rescue. He sent me a surprise package last week full of cards to help me get closer to finishing the sets.

First, he hit me with some fancy Buccos.
 The original closer of baseball games!
 It will be weird seeing Pedro play for another team this year, but his defensive woes were too much for the Pirates to handle. He is still a free agent, but likely to sign with an AL team. Given enough at bats he will always be good for 25-30 homeruns.
Cole took a nice step into ace status last season. His continued development will be key to the Pirates success this year as starting pitching depth at this point leaves something to be desired.
 I've been adding a good bit of Hanson cards lately as he'll likely make his debut this year and has an outside chance to break camp with the team.

Set needs.
 The Rated Rookies were a pain in the butt the accumulate as they were short printed. I was much wiser for the 2015 release and looked for lots, but for 2014 I've been having to cherry pick.

Seeing Taveras cards is always depressing. Don't drink and drive.

 Nothing new can be said about TSC. They are awesome. I'm very close to finishing the set now.

Prizm is a set I started chasing by default. When I was actively opening boxes with my friends in town, Prizm was a frequent choice.  The autograph checklist was great for the price point. Some of my better hits the last few years came from Prizm sets. I've pulled hot rookies like Machado, Buxton and Sano and veterans like Bagwell and Biggio.

I really appreciate you helping me out Adam.  I'm sure I have some cool Giant cards around to send your way soon.

Thanks for reading!