The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, January 10, 2016

A French Harrison

2015 Topps Five Star Josh Harrison Auto

During Harrison's breakout two years back he didn't have much in the way of cardboard. His only auto was a Donruss Elite card that went through the roof price wise. Towards the end of the 2014 season a few autos began to show up on eBay. I was shocked to see some of the prices. Any attempt to purchase a Harrison auto was put on hold until the 2015 sets started to hit eBay.

While it took some time, the combination of Harrison missing a big chunk of time and him being featured more in 2015 caused prices to get back to what I consider more reasonable amounts. I've picked up a few cards here and there, but my good buddy Kevin surprised me with my nicest version to date. 

Holy smokes is this card thick. For those who haven't held a Five Star auto in person words can't really do it justice. We are talking a solid 180pt card. The thickness adds to the fanciness. I'm very happy to have this Harrison to go along with the Marte from the set.

You may be wondering why would Kevin only send one card from France.  Well this package was extra special because not only did it contain the Harrison card, it also had a box of wonderful French chocolates! 

Thanks so much for the surprise Kevin!  


  1. Mmmm french chocolate. Nice card too

  2. I'm always surprised also when I receive a Five Star card. Glad you liked that little card that was for once far from being the main course !

  3. Fancy chocolate and a sought after autograph in one package? Well, that makes for a pretty nice day!