The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trade: Too Many Verlanders

Dennis from Too Many Verlanders and I have made a lot of trades. We've swapped some big cards like when I sent him a Miguel Cabrera auto and he came back with a Max Carey cut auto.  We make a good match in the fact that he loves the Tigers and the Michigan Wolverines and I'm a Pirate fanatic and collect my Alma Mater the West Virginia Mountaineers.  This allows each of us a lot of flexibility when looking for cards. Boy, did Dennis ever hit the nail and the head with this bunch.
Dennis started off with a bang by including this 5x7 2001 Donruss Studio auto of Brian Giles. Giles was one of the more underrated players in the late 90's early 2000's. He had four consecutive seasons of at least 5 WAR.  What a great looking card!
I think every Pirates fan loved AVS. He is the perfect player for the Topps Archives Fan Favorites set.  Over the years he has made several appearances. This is the new 2014 version.

What a great Rick Rhoden auto.  He put up some good numbers for the Buccos in the early to mid 80's.

Who the heck is Dustin Nippert is a reasonable question to ask.  Dennis did his homework on this one as Nippert was born in West Virginia and played at WVU. He saw part of 6 seasons in the majors and currently plays in Korea. I award you 1000 make believe bonus points Dennis.
Charles Sims transferred to WVU for his senior season and made the most of it. He was the one bright spot in a terrible year. A dual purpose back, Sims was drafted by Tampa Bay and was well on his way to earning the third down back until he broke his ankle. I feel bad for Sims as he would have been in line for a significant workload as Doug Martin has struggled this year.
Rasheed Marshall started the rise of WVU to national prominence under Rich Rodriguez. The former quarterback led WVU to many exciting wins and set the table for Pat White to take the next step.
Marc Bulger held just about every passing record at WVU until Geno Smith came along.  He ended up having a successful NFL career with the Rams replacing Kurt Warner.
Owen Schmitt is a legend at WVU.  His bruising style of running and constant breaking of face masks made him a fan favorite. He currently owns a bar in town.
Former Mountaineer Jedd Gyorko. If Gyorko learns to get on base a little more he could become an all star caliber player.

 More Cutch!
 I love the Pops card!
I feel bad for Geno.  The Jets were the one team I didn't want him to go to.  After last week I'm not sure if he'll see the field again.  Looks like I may be getting his cards pretty cheap soon.

You really outdid yourself Dennis.  You set the bar high with great cards and creativity. I think I'm up for the challenge.  I'm currently working on a return package that will have more of a college them this time around. Be prepared my friend!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trade: Mark Hoyle (1972)

I think Mark and I are exchanging envelopes every other week.  Extreme trading! He feeds me great Bucco vintage while I supply the modern stuff.  It is a perfect match.  This time around Mark went with 1972 as the theme and even included the World Series cards! 

My favorite of the bunch! Collisions cards are the best.

How cool are these!  I love the last card showcasing the team celebrating and the huge smile on Manny Sanguillen's face. 

Mark has supplied me with several Stargell's since we've began trading.  I really like the In Action cards.
Jackie Hernandez doesn't seem to be showcasing proper bunting fundamentals and Steve Blass looks like he is wearing a garbage bag.
Dave Cash is trying to intimidate the photographer.
I've always liked this Dock Ellis card.  I need to get myself a nice Pirate old timey warm-up jacket.

Another great Stargell!

Did you know that Richie Zisk was inducted in the National Polish American Hall of Fame?  Neither did I.  You can now impress somebody by working that into conversation. Zisk is still involved in baseball as a scout for the Cubs.

As always Mark thanks for supplying me with great vintage cards. I think you have filled up a binder for me. 

To build some anticipation for our next swap I'll be sending you a really good auto.  I would venture to say it is the best card that I've sent your way.  Anticipation!!!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trade: Cervin' Up Cards

Weeks like this are why I love having a blog.  My mailbox has been bombarded with trade packages. Today is brought to you by Cervin' Up Cards.

Zippy Zappy and I have traded multiple times now.  One thing I can always count on is prospect cards.  The cool thing is that it has recently been announced that Morgantown is getting the Pirates short season New York-Penn League team and will face off against Zippy's Staten Island Yankees. Rivalry!

Couple new Topps Update Polanco's. I've added a boatload of cards of the young Pirate outfielder in the past couple months. I haven't got around to Update yet, so big thanks to Zippy for the doing the work for me!
Not having a license works pretty well for catchers. If I recall Zippy pulled this out of a pack and was nice enough to save it for me. The Aspirations diecut is numbered to 200. McGuire's glove is considered advanced for his young age. If his bat comes around he could become an interesting prospect.
 A nice refractor of the former UCLA Bruin. Sweet looking card.
 Another McGuire Extra Edition insert.
Why is the McCutchen outlined in black?  Until Zippy clarifies I'm going to assume it is a super ultra 1/1 worth 10k. I love these Sega Gen cards. Whenever I see them I automatically think of Cervin' Up Cards.

Harold Ramirez's stock continues to rise in the Pirates system. He is cut from the same mold as a Marte and McCutchen in the sense that he doesn't have 1 great skill, but is good at everything. Let's hope the talent keeps blossoming as he goes through the system.

Nick Kingham might play a role in the Pirates rotation next year.  Nothing flashy about his game, but he has been solid his entire career so far.

Thanks again for all the great cards Zippy! I always enjoy the assortment you send my way.  I put a package in the mail for you today, but it won't be much of a surprise. Either way I know it fits well in your collection.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Trade: Texas Rangers Cards

Rob (aka Spiff) from Texas Rangers Cards contacted me that he needed a good home for some Pirate cards. Of course I said yes, and a huge stack of cards was in my mailbox a few days later. The stack had an early 90's theme, with some old and new sprinkled in the middle.
I remember getting so excited when I pulled these out of packs.  Always a nice trip down memory lane.
 I think Dad was a little bit better than son.....just a little.
I was glad Rob threw this card in. I know I have this card somewhere, but for the life of me I can't find it.

Some of the core players from the early 90's teams. I'm hoping that Bonilla gets a certified auto soon. He is one of the few key players from this era without one.
Some newer Bucco Heritage cards. Man, I really hope Tabata can turn his career around. I was really hoping he could regain some value and catch on somewhere else.  The Pittsburgh outfield is going to be very tough to break into the next few years.
I always love obscure Pirate player cards. I tried remembering if I had any other Ryan Church cards where he is in the Pirate uniform.  I then realized that is probably the longest anyone has ever thought about Ryan Church as a Pirate. He was so bad.  Kevin Hart was suppose to be the centerpiece of the Tom Gorzelanny deal.  Turns out the throw in player from the Cubs was the best of the bunch.  That throw ins name was Josh Harrison.

Thanks for the huge stack of Pirate cards Rob. I'm working on a return envelope that I hope to have in tomorrow's mail. 

Thanks for reading.