The Legend

The Legend

Friday, October 10, 2014

Trade: Sportscards From the Dollar Store

Repack king Doug from the great blog Sportscards From The Dollar Store always hooks me up with great stuff.  This time around we have a WVU and Penguins theme.
Rasheed Marshall was a quarterback for Rich Rodriguez during his college days, but was converted to a wide receiver in the pros.  He got some playing time as a kick returner in 2005, but never saw the field again after his first season.
Marc Bulger held just about every passing record at WVU until Geno Smith came a long and demolished his records.  Marc had a nice long career in the NFL making a few Pro Bowls along the way.

Pat White won all 4 bowl games he took part in during his time at WVU including two BCS wins.  I really think WVU should consider retiring his number.  

I think this guy was pretty good....

I love the 1990 Score rookie of Reggie Rembert. 

The core of the Penguins.  

Thanks for all the great cards Doug.  I'll start a new stack for our next swap!  


  1. Doug is obviously awesome to deal with, and I'd call both of you my favorite people to trade with right now (with no offense towards anybody else!). I actually picked up that BowChro Marshall for you as well, but since you already have a copy at least you can use it to trade with one of your WVU buddies if you want.

    1. Sounds good man! I'll find a good home for it. I actually just found a parallel version recently. Took me a long time to find a copy of that.

      Thanks for the nice words. I enjoy swapping with you and Doug too. You guys always throw nice surprises in the mix.