The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Allure of Rainbows

I applaud any attempt to try and complete the card rainbow.  It is a borderline crazy venture that involves a hefty dose of both time and money. For me I've only attempted it once and failed about two months into the project. Damn work travel cut into eBay watching. 

My attempt centered around the Kevin Newman and Kevin Kramer 2016 Topps Pro Debut cards. Both guys are featured in the WV Black Bears uniform. It was the first major release to show the new Morgantown WV based franchise.  I actually hit the ground running by finding the true 1/1 base Kramer card and a couple of plates of Kevin Newman. I hit a snag when I missed out an insert plate of Kevin Newman when I was in Rhode Island in September. I'm still looking for the cards, but the chance of getting all the low numbered stuff is about 0%. 

With that being said budget friendly versions of the cardboard rainbow do exist. If you limit yourself to the 3-5 card variation range and exclude the Mike Trout's of the world you can get a nice looking sample without having to break the bank for the 1/1's.  

Sometime sellers will even do the work for you. One of the eBay sellers I buy from the most is someone that is breaking up his Pirates collection. He often lists mini rainbow lots of players. Such was the case with this Brock Holt lot. 

Holt only played a short time in Pittsburgh as he was traded to the Red Sox in the Joel Hanrahan/Mark Melancon deal.  Holt wasn't a big prospect at the time, but turned himself into one of the better super utility players in baseball.

I'm a big college sports fan so I'm a sucker for Donruss Elite products. Holt is shown in his Rice Owls uniform which is a deterrent for many collectors but a selling point for me.  This is especially true if WVU is involved. Panini has done a nice job utilizing the college license for MLB releases lately.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Secret Santa Stuff

I have had a few people contact me about some specific Secret Santa rules.  Well, other than the $10 limit I didn't make any rules.  The most common question I've received is how to reveal the identity of each person. I'll let the sender take care of that.   I thought about having a big Secret Santa post, but that would likely get lost in the shuffle of the holidays.  Just reveal at the time of sending or comment after the receiver acknowledges the cards on their blog.

I'll still do some type of wrap up post after everyone receives their gift.  This might help some of the new bloggers that are participating gain some new followers.

Just use this post if you have any questions.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Rare 10k

You remember these? If you pulled one of these back in the day you were big stuff.

 I believe I purchased this in a lot of Pirate cards back in the early fall. Little did they know that numbering cards would be such a huge deal.  Being numbered to 10,000 at this time gave the perception of extreme rarity and classiness. This number would be laughed at in today's collecting environment.

Back to sorting....

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The JBF Grand Finale (and surrender)

After some constant trolling I received JBF's final shot on Monday.  I teased one card as soon as I got it, but knew it would take me a day to get things in order for a post. It was as advertised and even included some help from fellow bloggers. 

Of course everything came in a huge Priority Mail box.  After opening this was the first thing I saw....

The cards in this envelope were beyond crazy.  I didn't think he could top the last package, but JBF is a man of his word. Those 8 cards are at the bottom of this post.  I could have easily done a post on each one, but one big post better sums up JBF's insane personality.

 The answer is "Yes"

 What could it be......
 The man has flair.
 At least it is autographed.
 I almost missed this pin.  It looks really old and features Big Poison Paul Waner.  Little Poison will be featured prominently here in a bit.

 I thought for sure these were going to be all Bob Walk's.
 That is more like it......
 I would love to know the background of this plaque. JBF said the guy he got it from didn't have much of a description.

A cool autographed photo of Elroy Face.

While the main event is the 8 cards at the end, JBF had plenty of other cards in the box. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking here.

Kind of looks like an Xmas card.

This card is very sharp looking in person. Scan doesn't do it much justice.

I think JBF has given me just about every parallel from the Prime Signatures set.  One of my favorite football sets ever.  Classy looking set.

This is now my best Steelers card.  Dual auto!

Nice WVU uniform shot!

Now for the Kevin White portion of the show

A few Pens cards....
Really like the Elite Series Sidney Crosby.


As you know I'm a big college football guy so Elite was always a nice set for rookies in their college duds. 

Some hypnotic cards.

WVU time
Pat White was the honorary captain for Senior week Saturday.

Tavon is going to go down as one of the more wasted talents because of poor quarterback play and Jeff Fisher.
The Jets are a mess. So pissed that Geno got hurt as he was going to get the opportunity to win back the job.

Upper Deck with the win.

Baseball time!

I'm not sure if Cutch makes it out a Pirate once the Winter Meetings are over.  That will be a sad day for sure.

Harrison is supposedly on the block as well.

Love the Derek Bell's.  Operation Shutdown is one of the best player meltdowns in recent history.

Going through some cards the other day I think Jason Kendall might be the leader of cool cards in the last 20 years. He has some great shots. I think Tekulve is the all time leader because every card of his is the best card ever.

Fancy base!
A slew of Clemente's.  More from him below......
I received the whole team set.  These are the most "minor league" of them all.


JBF was able to nail two of the remaining three cards off my White Whale list. 

I had kind of a weird obsession with these Donruss Studio cards with PNC Park in the background.
I was most happy to see this bad boy.  These Upper Deck MVP autos were extremely hard to find. The auto is on card and I love how the auto is centered.
Just a bat card of Hall of Famer Arky Vaughan.

The theme with most of the grand finale was legend based on new cards, but JBF snuck one super high end old card. Players should have to wear sweaters today.

This is the card I teased on the blog and Twitter Monday.  We are deep into head shaking territory with the last few cards.

Clemente's popularity is evident when you look on eBay. So much so that I don't even look to add Clemente cards because of the competition.  His popularity transcends the team so every auction has double digit bids.  I really couldn't believe it when I saw this card pop out of the envelope.  

Autograph of Pirate Hall of Famer Max Carey! Obviously this auto is super cool given that Carey's playing days were in the 1910's and 20's.

Last and definitely not least is Pirate Hall of Famer Lloyd "Little Poison" Waner.  Seriously, sometimes words don't do justice to how cool it is to have a Waner auto.

Pretty crazy, right?

This was an entertaining war, but it is time for me to call it quits. JBF still has a few things in transit from me to finish out my portion of the bombings but as you can see the damage is already done.  I won't be able to dig out from this one for a while.  

I offer my sword.

Just to be safe I may hoard a few things back in case you don't accept my terms.

Thanks for reading.