The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Walk, Papoy, HSCA Collaboration #16 Plus Teke!!!!

How about we just go ahead and start out with the main course.


 I started salivating when I heard this new Archives Signature set was going to have a whole bunch of Teke. This is about as Piratey as a Pirate autograph can get. The uniform, hat and card choice are all top notch. The card is # /26 and I want them all!

For the box break Kevin chose 2014 Bowman Chrome. I actually think this was done before Brian's break, but Kevin has this little thing called the Atlantic ocean so shipping sometimes can be a tad bit delayed and expensive. Plus I believe he was sipping wine and eating bread in Brittany for a month.  I'll assume you were a beret.
 As with the majority of our breaks I usually receive NL Central teams.  The risk with Chrome is that you pull a non prospect auto.  By the time this set came out Rosa was out of organized baseball.
 Syndergaard is a beast!

 Here are the Pirate first year cards. None of these guys are in the Pirates systems any more.
 Former WV Black Bear Kevin Kramer! I'm a big Elite fan as I'm a sucker for college uniforms.

 I like that the auto takes front and center here.
 The signature is actually noticeable on this one!  Many of these faded like Sweet Spot autos.

 Same picture, but two cool cards.  The Ginter caught a stripe on the jersey swatch. Kevin has been a big supplier of Josh Harrison cards for me.
 I have a weak spot for Craig Wilson.  He was one of those unsung guys that was way under appreciated. He would be a sought after commodity in the game today as he was a very high obp guy that had a ton of power.  He was also a great pinch hitter. Defensively he could play the corner outfield, first base and even catch.

This Fleer Legacy card was cool.  I don't remember this set when it came out.

 I've always happy to receive Aramis Ramirez cards.
Joe Bauserman was an interesting guy. He was a decent prospect, but quit to play quarterback at Ohio State. He served as backup to Terrell Pryor and eventually got the starting job his senior year.  It didn't last long though, as Braxton Miller took over after a couple of games.

Thanks for the break and all the cool extras Kevin. That Teke is wonderful!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tom Makes me Bleed Blue and Bob Walk Fall Out of his Seat

I'm sure P-town Tom is on cloud nine right now.  Cub fever is rampant. I can't go anywhere without seeing a Cubs hat these days. Some people get upset about this, but I think it is fun when a fan base gets rejuvenated. When the Pirates became relevant again they got plenty of new followers.

Recently Tom came into a whole bunch of fancy sapphire Chrome cards. I didn't know a whole lot about them when Tom wrote them up. I figured it was his way to make all of us subconsciously think about the Cubs. Looks like it worked.

I was a lucky recipient of five of these beauties.

 Nice AJ Burnett cameo. I always thought he was an asshole, but he did pitch well for the Pirates. We did a terrible job of replacing him last offseason.
 I think Josh Harrison is front in center in every Pirates celebration card.

Look at all this greatness. The main even is that 1992 Topps Gold winner card.

Your generosity made Bob fall right out of his seat...

Monday, October 24, 2016

Stalling on Stallings

Quick programming note.  I'm sitting on some received trade packages that will get posted as soon as I can get some dedicated scan time. Most should be posted throughout the next week. Right now these are the ones that I have....

- John Miller
- Card Papoy
- Ptown Tom x 2
- Zippy
- Peter Steinberg
- Jaybarkerfan x 94959454954956979 

Just so you know they all arrived safe and sound. 

Big weekend here in Morgantown! I had a house full of guests in which we partook in one of the better beer tastings I've been a part of.  

I've mentioned Firestone a few times here.  The boxed vintage series beers are all top notch. Over the past year my friends and I accumulated these all over the place. The three I contributed were found in three different spots (Maryland, Massachusetts and an online store). Personally I thought the two on the far right were my favorite. Parabola is an Imperial Stout and Anniversary is a blend of several different Firestone beers. 

I tweeted this picture to Firestone and they responded! 

Saturday we tailgated all day and watched the Mountaineer destroy TCU.  

WVU is now in the top 10 for the first time since 2006. Do I think we will finished, but I do think we have a chance to finish the season with only one loss.  I'll take it. 

Card time. 

Topps must have been really slow with the Now cards from the last 10 days of the season.  The Pirates had two and this Jacob Stallings just came in the mail today.  I don't order from Topps directly but consistently use the same two sellers on eBay. They've always been super quick so maybe Topps got behind making David Ortiz cards. I kid, I kid....not really.

I was pumped that Stallings got a card because he is a career minor leaguer that was never really much of a prospect.  He was up in September as a third catcher,but got called upon to pitch hit in a marathon extra innings game. He got a hit and won the Buccos the game.  

Stallings has a good connection to another team in Pittsburgh as well.  His Dad is Kevin Stallings who is the new coach of Pitt basketball. Kevin was the long time coach at Vanderbilt. 

I'm expecting one more Now card in the mail then I can finally wrap up the Pirates releases this year. I don't have the exact count, but I'm guessing the Pirates were likely middle of the road in terms of cards. The vast majority were rookie callups. It probably helped my wallet that Cutch struggled most of the year. 

Thanks for reading. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Back in the Saddle Again

I'm super excited for the WVU game today.  TCU will be a great test to see where the Mountaineers are. Should be a fun atmosphere.  I have a house full of guests that are already getting rowdy!

Speaking of WVU, former quarterback Geno Smith is getting another look as the starter. I'm hoping he plays well.  The Jets were pretty much the worst case scenario for the former Mountaineer.  When he was drafted the Jets were in full fledged rebuild mode. While the team is still struggling, the bones of a good team are still there.  They have Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall to help carry some of the load.

Over the past 6 months I've been hoarding as many Geno cards as possible. I've been picking up relics for basically nothing and autos for less than $5.  High end cards are selling in the $10-$20 range. I'm sure now that he is back starting prices will swing up some so I'm glad I took advantage.

Here are a couple new additions.

I'll probably bust the dual auto out of the case at some point. I have a big curio cabinet that I display a lot of WVU memorabilia and the BGS 8.5 case is a little much. 

When I see cool Prizm cards like the Geno from the Panini Unparalleled set it makes me wish they would get a baseball license. This is not even one of my favorites and it still looks nice. 

Enjoy all the baseball and football today! 

Thanks for reading! 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Contest Winnings

Brian of HSCA ran a couple of contests for the wildcard games based around dingers. I was among a few winners that hit the AL portion. This ended a fairly long drought for me on blogging contests. 

 I think this is one of the first Donruss Optic cards I've received.  Essentially is Donruss Chrome.  Pirate cards probably are among the best looking when it comes to non licenses.
 Brian must have a guy that saves him WVU cards because I get them in almost every trade we make.
 Marte had his best statistically season last year.  He stole more and raised his obp.  I'm hoping he continues this path as he needs to be great in order the Pirates to contend.

I just busted a box of A&G that I'll share sometime next week.

 Topps Bunt has been talked about a good bit in our community. I think must people are in agreement that they like the set and hope they improve it some for another release.

Former WV Black Bear Kevin Kramer! 

Thanks for the contest Brian.  I should have just called this HSCA week on the blog.  

Thursday, October 20, 2016

As is Tradition

Brian of HSCA didn't stop at just sending the contents of a box break, he included a boatload of great cards for our blind trade. As is tradition!

I always have fun sorting Brian's trade packages as they are always so eclectic. He is very in tune with my collection so it is common for me to receive Pirates, WVU, Pens and Steelers. This time was no different.

 I don't think I have many of the base cards from the early Sweet Spot sets. For some unknown reason I really like the card minus the number being right in the middle.

 If you collect a college like I do, it doesn't get much better than the early PressPass autos. They are on card, feature the school uniforms and displays the auto prominently.

 This is a Steve Slaton framed relic that my scanner hated.

 Black border Taillon rookie!
 Bulger was the quarterback during my junior high, early high school years. He had some great years with the Rams.
 Some more Heritage high number. Nice to get the Chad Kuhl rookie.

 More WVU guys.
 I like the El Verso schedule.  It is the Miller Lite of cigars.  I will forever love vintage Pens cards.

 Some mid 90's love. I think I like the Flair the best.
 WVU's most famous athlete. Love picking up cards that show West in his college digs.

 Edwin Yan is pondering the career he never had.

 The Bowman Platinum Cutch insert is super cool.  I love me some die cuts.
 Mascot cards are always welcomed.  I have a nice little collection of parrot cards.
 This Cutch is /999.

 Oh yeah! No mustache but the hair is still top notch.

I guess people in the early 2000's were blind because the numbering is extra large.

Thanks so much for all the cards Brian.  We really hit every facet of my collection.  As is Tradition