The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Change of Pace

The trade packages have been coming in fast and furious this week.  I've been sorting through most of the contents and should have posts up early next week.  The last couple of weeks have been some of the best trading since I first started blogging.  Fun stuff!

While the trading has picked up, new Pirate cards have slowed down.  When things become stale I often switch to my second collecting love, WVU.  I recently picked up a couple of Mountaineers that were mainstays during my early high school years. 

This card spoke to me in several different ways.  Like most that collect college teams I prefer players being featured in their school colors.  Also, Leaf Quantum had some great parallels that really made the card look extra nice.  This red parallel is /35.  

Love the Big East patch being prominently featured as well. These Leaf cards could easily pass as a Pacific release.....

Another major release featuring the WVU uniform.  I actually like Ultra baseball releases a little more than their football counterparts.

Alright, back to sorting.  Curse you JBF.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Fashionably Late

Did you know Series 1 was out? Yeah, I'm a little late to the game.  The Pirate checklist was very small this year so I knew pack busting was out of the question for me. My blog friends to the rescue!

Tony L won a box of Topps this year which was super cool.  It seems he has been spreading the cardboard love throughout the community.  He was nice enough to send the Pirates my way. 
One last wave of Pirate Cutch cards /tear. 

I like this card.  For as exciting of a player Cutch has been over the years he has a lot of boring cards. Even sets like Stadium Club have been a collective cardboard yawn.  This release is refreshing.
I'm suffering from Polanco fatigue. The guy has been in every set since his debut without having the production to really warrant the "star" cardboard treatment.  I'm sure I speak for most Pirate collectors that we would be ok for the likes of David Freese, Jordy Mercer and Francisco Cervelli seeing a few more cards.  I love collecting Polanco, but I'm all for some checklist variety.
Now we are talking.  Rivero burst onto the scene last year.  Nice to see him getting some cards.
Jaso actually looks like a Pirate so pretty much any card of him is fantastic.  The 1/1 version of this card was pulled by Brent and Becca.  I would love to have that, but I can't really justify paying a ton of money for a John Jaso card. 


From what I see on eBay the black parallels are still very sought after by collectors. Pumped that Tony pulled the Nova and sent it my way.  Getting unique cards of players like Nova is just as satisfying as getting a new Cutch. 

Tony also sent me a few extras beyond the Series 1 cards.
John Van Benschoten is a name that will haunt many Pirate fans.  He was a two way player in college in which many scouts thought he had a better chance to develop as a hitter that a pitcher.  Of course the Pirates took him with the idea of being a pitcher and it never worked out. 

A cool silver mini of the longest tenured Pirate.  I'm surprised the Pirates haven't traded Harrison after shipping off Cutch and Cole. 

Thanks so much for shipping the Buccos my way Tony! 

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Putting on the Foil

I really don't even know where to begin with this one.  In typical JBF fashion he quickly one upped my sending him a baseball bat, by sending me this.....

 Obviously it looks like a hockey stick, but you never know with Wes.  It could be a bunch of Bob Walk cards tied together in the shape of a stick.  Expect the unexpected.

It was a stick....but not just any stick.

A game used stick of former Penguin defenseman Zarley Zalapski.  To say this is unexpected would be an understatement. All Wes told me today was to expect a unique package that could be used in a fight.

You got me good my friend.  What a great collectible.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Expired Plate

Printing plates are the easiest "1 of 1" cards to find. They make for a unique collectible without breaking the bank.  My rule on plates is to try not to spend more than $10 on any single one. If I do buy them more times than not is either short stay Buccos or guys that don't get the auto/relic treatment.  So while I'll happily take the likes of Gerrit Cole and Starling Marte in trade, my purchases are more focused on the guys like Sean Casey and John Jaso.

My most recent purchase of a plate was a era you don't see as much on the secondary market.  90's Plates!!!!!!

1998 Topps Stadium Club Francisco Cordova Printing Plate (Black)

I think this is only my second or third plate from the 90's and they are all Francisco Cordova. I had to take a picture on my phone of the front of the card because the scan looked invisible. Interesting to see how plates have evolved over time.  This one is much more flimsy and thin than more recent plates. 

Obviously these are not the most attractive cards to add to your collection, but they make up for it in uniqueness. My excitement was a little higher with this one just because of the era. I've been putting a lot of emphasis adding players like Cordova.  Now I need to find an Al Martin from this period. Mission accepted! 

Thanks for reading. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A High End PWE

In early January I got an email from Henry of (Cardboard Greats) saying he came into the below card.

2017 Bowman's Best Shane Baz Auto

Henry asked if I was interested.  YES!!!!  I asked Henry to hold off sending me the card right away as I was so far behind with trades that I had no idea when I could fire off a return package.  The timing turned out perfect as this card arrived last week and my return package should get to Henry tomorrow or Thursday. 

Shane Baz was the Pirates first round pick last year and from most accounts has impressed with his skill set.  I really don't get too excited about pitching prospects until they hit AA, but it is always nice to see consensus across the board that the hype is real.  

I'm hoping at some point Baz has a stop in Morgantown so I can see him in person.  After the draft last year he spent most of this time in instructional league to limit innings. 

Please give Henry a follow if you haven't already.  He makes for a great trade partner as his player collections are vast. Thanks for the trade!

Thanks for reading.  

Monday, February 12, 2018

Lost and Found

The cards featured in this post all come from Adam (Arpsmith's Sportscards Obsession) that arrived right before Christmas.  Usually I'm much better at posting trade packages in a timely manner, but I really messed this bunch up.  

Adam sent some cards my way as a thank you for being the middleman on his secret santa gift to Kevin from The Card Papoy.  I placed my stack with Kevin's away from all my normal mail and forgot about them until last week.  My bad Adam.

I will talk about Jason Kendall cards until I'm blue in the face.  He just has so many great ones.  You would be hard pressed to find someone to match his cardboard credentials.  Obviously being a catcher gives you an advantage, but even his non catching cards are awesome.

 I'm always excited to see Bazooka cards because for whatever reason they don't seem to be traded a ton in our community.  My guess is most people were out of the hobby in the 2003-2005 time frame.

Kris Benson's career was a pretty big disappointment considering the hype after he was drafted.  His first two seasons were great, but injury and inconsistency derailed his career.

The year of the sideways nameplate! Nice Sosa cameo on the Womack card.

Don't stare at the Morris card too long or else you will be transported into an alternate universe. Sets like Donruss Elite helped keep me busy in a time where new release Pirate cards were few and far between.  The set had about 435,303,312,333 parallels in in.
Some strong mustache game in the Madlock/Boggs batting leaders card.  I'm a big fan of the hefty bag undershirt Madlock is wearing too.
Looks like Tom Prince is still wearing his uniform on a Caribbean getaway.

Archives was once a set that I would open a box of every year.  Once they started adding the likes of Will Ferrell, Major League and Bull Durham autos the price got to be out of my comfort zone.  So I'm always extra appreciative of people sending the base cards my way.

Speaking of Archives....This man needs a Fan Favorites auto.  I would take a second mortgage on my house to accumulate all of them.

I hope a new knuckle baller establishes himself soon in the MLB.  With the likelihood of RA Dickey retiring we are heading into Opening Day with only Steven Wright throwing the pitch.

Thanks for all the cards Adam.  Your package to Kevin is in transit to France.  Sorry about the delay!

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Cardboard Ancestry

A recent package from Tom (The Angels, in Order) included one of my favorite cards of all time. After a little investigative work I have brought together two long lost relatives based on this card.  I know this based solely on hat choice..  

This is some random photo of a dude from England taken in the 1890's. 

The resemblance is uncanny! Leyland might as well be wearing a top hat.

Enough playing around....Lets get to other great cards Tom sent my way.
Jose "Chico" Lind has some underrated cards out there.  The other day I featured the studio card of him holding a samurai sword.  While this card is a little more traditional, the funny grin sets it over the top.
I forgot about Upper Deck "First Edition." I was an active collector as this time and sets still sneak up that I don't remember.

Jack Wilson sporting the shades.

In my mind I'm always creating cards that I think should exist.  I always thought "battery" cards would be cool.  Have a unique pitcher/catcher card.  Maybe even an autograph subset.  Hire me Topps.

Freaking Lastings Milledge.... He came and went pretty fast with the Pirates.  I know he had some success in Japan and parlayed that into a multi year deal over there so he's still active playing high end baseball.
Jim Morrison kind of looks like Cal Ripken upon a quick first glance.

Candy Man!

The Pens of my youth.  Bob Errey went into announcing after his playing days and currently works for the Pens local affiliate doing games.

Thanks so much for the cards Tom.  I have plenty of Angels to hit you back with.....That sounds sinister.

Thanks for reading!