The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I've been gone the better part of the last two weeks so I feel like I'm about a month behind scanning and organizing cards. So if you sent me cards in the last couple of weeks I'll be getting things scanned and posted in the coming days. Off the top of my head I know I have stuff from GCRL, Bo, John Miller and JBF. 

This post will feature some more great cards from Brian (Collecting Cutch).  Brian sent me a great sample of cards that I had to divide up in multiple posts because of the shear quantity.  This batch is the potpourri section as it features a variety of hits of well know Pirates. 

The Pirates somehow managed to keep their heads above water while Marte served his 80 game PED suspension.  Since his return they have been playing very good baseball. I have a weird obsession with All Star relics so this is a welcome addition.

The Pirates struck gold with Melancon in a variety of ways.  When he came as part of the Joel Hanrahan trade he was thought more as a throw in, but he had a big time resurgence.  After three and a half years with the Buccos he was traded for the Nats for Felipe Rivero and Taylor Hearn.  Rivero has developed into one of the best relievers and baseball and Hearn prospect status has really risen since the trade.  
I love the Nashville Sounds uniform!

Last, but not least is a low numbered auto of Gerrit Cole.  Lots of rumors of Cole being a big trade candidate at the beginning of the year, but with the team playing better it is hard to imagine the Buccos trading him away.

Thanks for all the great cards Brian.  I'll sprinkle in a couple more posts here soon to finish out all the great cards you sent my way.  

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Timing is Everything

2016 Elite Extra Edition Glasnow/Reyes Dual Patch /10

I'm always amazed when sellers pick the absolute worst time to put a card on eBay.  Take this dual patch as a very good example.  Both Glasnow and Reyes are two high end pitching prospects. The problem is that Glasnow got demoted a couple months back and Reyes is out for the season with an arm injury. Those facts make for a very nice buyers market.  

Normally I avoid these type of cards unless they come dirt cheap.  I already have a nice sampling of Glasnow autos and really have no interest in Alex Reyes.  Turns out my low ball bid of $8.99 was enough to win the card. I'm sure once Reyes is healthy I could sell it for a little bit of money next season, but I'm happy to add it to my Glasnow collection.  My guess is he'll eventually work his way back to the MLB at some point this season.  

Thanks for reading. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Retail Only 1/1

2004 Donruss Team Heroes Craig Wilson Auto 1/1

This card popped up on eBay while I was at the beach. It was a straight BIN of $20 and I pulled the trigger. I'm guessing I slightly overpaid, but it wasn't enough to risk losing a 1/1 auto of a player I really liked. My guess if the card was on auction it would have sold in the $10 to $15 range, but you just never know on the rare cards.  

Team Heroes was a retail only set that featured an eclectic checklist.  You had stars like Arod and Randy Johnson, but since the set was so big (465 cards) you would find players like Craig Wilson. I love how the text on the back of the card said "success has come in streaks for the Pirates." I think that was Donruss's way of saying the Pirates are very shitty at this point of time.  

I can't remember the last time I added a Craig Wilson  so this was a very welcome addition to the collection. Long live obscure players!  The thing about Wilson is that I always thought he played about ten years too soon.  I think his skill set would have played better today being that he could play multiple positions (including catcher) and was a very high obp guy.  He still managed a 7 year career so I guess things worked out either way.  

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Freese Warning

2017 Diamond Kings David Freese Auto/relic /15

Once I found out this card existed I had to have it.  The bad thing is that the prints runs on this card are super low so prices have been surprisingly high. Thankfully after a little back and forth with a seller it was mine for around $11. 

I'm always excited when role players get their first auto or relic with the Buccos.  Obviously David Freese signed a lot as a Cardinal (and this may be a sticker dump from that time), but I don't care. This card says Pittsburgh so it counts! 

Freese signed with the Pirates during Spring Training right before the 2016 season. It turned out to be a very important signing for the Buccos as injuries at third and poor production at first lead to a ton of playing time for Freese.  He played so well that the Pirates gave Freese a 3 year extension.  That deal also turned out to be very important with Jung Ho Kang's legal troubles. 

Freese's auto is pretty interesting.......

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Beach Cards

I've spent the last 5 days in North Carolina doing the family beach thing. All in all it was a pretty good trip since this was my daughters first long car trip. I'm a night person so I just drove doing her normal sleeping hours and thankfully we avoided a car meltdown.  We weren't too worried though as she has already conquered an airplane ride, so if you can do that you should be able to handle the car. I'm also thankful for modern technology. Tip of the cap to my parents who were stuck with three boys beating the hell out of each other every trip.

It was cool seeing my daughters reactions to the aquarium. I enjoyed the pier beer immensely.  If I was president I would mandate that one afternoon beer should be consumed for the good of the country.  Vote Walk!

I did open one pack of cards doing my time off and pulled a Pirate!!!

Vintage stock team card /99.  I'm a sucker for these cards and I have accumulated quite a few parallels so this was an extra nice pull.

It was nice getting back in town and having today to get life back in order. The bad thing is I'm back on the road for a work retreat Saturday.  Maybe I'll find some cards, 100% chance I find a beer.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

We Love Oddballs

Oddballs are universally loved in our little community.  While not as prevalent today, if you look hard you can still find some regional food releases and team issued sets.  I know a few local food makers in the Pittsburgh area still release cards.  I featured this Jack Wilson a couple years back. That card is still one of my favorite additions in recent memory. Not to many obscure donut cards being released today! 

Below is a lot of Pirate cards featuring the Pirates Charities logo.  I'm not sure how these were distributed so I'll get Brian from Collecting Cutch to comment below as he is the one who sent me these. Pirates Charities hold a ton of events in the area so it wouldn't surprise me if these were given out as prizes during some of their races or possibly an opening of one of their many Miracle League Fields. 

I featured the Gaby Sanchez first because he is the most obscure player featured.  Nothing to fancy about the cards themselves, but sometimes less is more. Thanks a ton Brian for the new oddball addition. Hope you can shed a little more light on how they were given out.

If you love oddballs please follow Tony's new blog Collecting the 1980's.  It is an awesome read from a man who has given me a ton of fun oddballs over the years in trade.  He knows his oddballs!

Thanks for reading.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Kicker U

WVU has a nice tradition of producing some good kickers that would go on to have NFL success. Pro Bowlers such as Pat McAfee, Todd Sauerbrun and Mike Vanderjagt come to mind. The only issue is there might not be a worse position in sports to play in terms of cardboard.  I imagine not too many people open a pack of cards and proclaim it would be nice to pull a punter relic. 

When I'm looking on COMC these are exactly the kind of players I'm looking for. 

 2004 Bazooka Pro Bowl Jersey Mike Vanderjagt
I've had this card in my shopping cart for quite sometime and finally pulled the trigger. Let's all just take a look and appreciate a kicker relic!!!!  

1999 Pacific Platinum Blue Mike Vanderjagt /75
Obscure parallels of kickers actually carry a good value.  You rarely see eBay auctions so you are stuck waiting for sellers to lower outrageous BIN prices.  Fortunately the seller on COMC negotiated a very fair price and it was mine.  

Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Chicle Proof

2010 Topps National Chicle Zach Duke Artist Proof /10

I have a weird fascination with sets that come and go after only one or two releases.  Not so much the high $ hit based, but the releases that are priced right but never catch on with collectors.  Sets like 2010 National Chicle are a good example. 

From what I remember the release was well received by set collectors, but the lack of quality "hit" cards likely caused the downfall.  It is so hard for card companies to make a set that makes everyone happy.  I've always been a sucker for painted cards so I was a fan of this set.  The problem is if people are going to gamble $60 to $100 on a product they will want to at least have a chance for a big card.  Whether you think that is the right train of thought or not, it is the box busting thought process of many collectors. 

This artist proof autograph came courtesy of Brian from Collecting Cutch.  It features Zach Duke and the picturesque Clemente Bridge outline. The card itself is signed by the artist Chris Felix. There was a fair amount of backlash that this set had too many artist proof cards in it.  Box busters claimed that they didn't hold enough value. Maybe that is the case, but I'm happy to own a unique Pirate card courtesy of the craziest Cutch collector in the blogosphere. 

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Euroleague Epack Insanity

2016-17 Upper Deck Euroleague Joe Alexander

While searching for some obscure former WVU players I came across this EuroLeague Joe Alexander card.  The price was right so I threw it in my cart and made the purchase.  It wasn't until I had the card in hand that I researched the set a little more.  It is a tad bit confusing.

This was the first year the EuroLeague set moved exclusively to ePack.  You're probably thinking how in the hell do you have a physical card.  Well, UD added a physical component, but it was kind of a pain in the ass.  The base set is 100 cards in which they are only digital.  If you collect 10 base cards of any one player you could earn a physical rainbow parallel.  The redemptions are made through COMC, thus explaining how I purchased this Alexander on there.  So while I initially thought I was overpaying for a base card it turned out to be a little more involved.  Either way I'm happy to have a new Joe Alexander card.  

Happy Friday! 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

COMC Surprise

I don't utilize COMC much these days. The Pirate auto/relics tend to be a little higher than eBay and the commons/inserts are more expensive than Sportlots and Just Commons. COMC seems to only work well for my WVU collection.  Recently I made a fairly significant purchase that was all WVU minus one card.

2007 Exquisite Alexi Castilla/Don Kelly Dual Auto /35

On the surface this dual auto is not very exciting, but I had no idea this card existed. Don Kelly only played a short time for the Pirates and I wasn't aware of a certified auto as he wasn't on the prospect radar.  He would later go on to make a name for himself as a utility player for a bunch of good Tigers teams and earned a few cards, but this one was news to me. So I snatched this bad boy up for $3.99 and I'm super happy to own it. 

Once I got this card in hand I went to look at some more cards in the set.  Turns out he actually has another dual featuring him and Cal Ripken.  Talk about a mismatch.  I must have it!!!!  Only one is on eBay and the seller is asking for $150.  Obviously that is way too much, but now that I know it exists I can keep it on my radar. 

Thanks for reading. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Underappreciated Cardboard Legend

I've harped on this several times since I started BWTP, but I figured I would throw out some more visual proof that Jason Kendall has some of the greatest cards. It is rare for a modern player to have so many cool shots in era focused more on the auto/relic.

The cards featured came as part of my runner up contest winnings from Collecting Cutch.

 Kendall was not afraid to get dirty as you will soon find out.

 Stadium Club rarely disappoints.
 Cool Wrigley Field Shot made even cooler that a pitcher is about to have a play at the plate.

 Some of the 90's and early 2000's Fleer sets were underrated. Quality interleague shot here.
 This would be tough to prove, but I feel Kendall has more shots of a catcher camping under or catching a flyball in cardboard history.

 When you have a cool card and like to take acid this is what you get.

 This card always reminded me of Jake Taylor running out the called shot bunt at the end of Major League.
 This looks to be the beginning of a PICKLE

 catcher face

 Side note story.  I took my daughter to her first baseball last year.  When she noticed the catching squatting she said at the top of her lungs that he was pooping.  Our entire section got a kick out of that.

 More camping under pop ups.
 Looks to be a close play at first.
 Kendall looks to be running towards the Pearly Gates
 Very unique Pinnacle shot.
 I think Geoff Blum is out.
 Appropriate set name.
 A personal favorite.

 More camping under and catching.
 Point of impact from a long forgotten Topps set.

Here is a picture of all the cards Brian from Collecting Cutch sent.

I still have plenty more from Brian to showoff, but this ends the Jason Kendall portion of the winnings.

Thanks for reading.  Now go find all your cool Kendall cards.