The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Blog Bear Maintenance

I've added a page to my blog dedicated to my Black Bears project. To date 3 players have been featured in their Black Bears uniforms (Kevin Newman, Kevin Kramer and Will Craig). I've had pretty good luck finding some of the rarer cards for each including 2 printing plates, 3 blank back 1/1's and a true 1/1 for Kevin Kramer.

I probably won't add an actual needs list just because the cards I need are all harder to find parallels. I'll happily take any in trade no matter if I have them or not.  My to date progress can be found here.

If you've opened any Pro Debut the last couple years maybe take a second look.  You might have some good trade bait!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I was just looking through my Pro Debut yesterday... lol... in search of Judge. I'll go back and look for Black Bears.

  2. I haven't purchased Pro Debut since the Black Bears came into existence but my eyes are looking for them for you on the regular.

    Sidenote, does the team store have any team sets from last year on sale by any chance? It has the newest Yankees prospect Matt Frawley.

    Sidesidenote, I just looked at the standings (I know, early, but it's kinda not since it's a short season) and all I can say is wow, the Pinckney Division is competitive this year. Black Bears have to face off against Mahoning Valley (CLE) scrapping along and State College (STL)'s devil magic. Good luck.

    1. I've looked for discounted sets several different times and have come up empty. Sometimes they do online store only too, so I'll continue to check there as well.

      This year the team doesn't have a ton of high end guys like years past. The Pirates went high school heavy in the early rounds so most of the new players are either upperclassman college players or guys from the Dominican league. In some ways this may have helped as some of these guys have been in professional ball for a few years.