The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

World Cup of Trading

My arch rival JBF is going into trading retirement in the near future.  In typical JBF fashion he decided to go out with a bang by bringing back the World Cup of Trading. The whole idea is that Wes posts a bunch of cards that we can claim.  Based on those claims we send Wes a return package full of cards that better fit his collection.  I'm hoping to defend my 2014 championship. I know your jealous of that trophy.

Since I think Wes has already traded me every Pirate card in Alabama the WCOT was void of Buccos.  What it did have though was some exciting hockey cards.  I don't actively buy hockey, but like to trade for them when I get a chance.  I claimed three Pens cards from Wes.  Of course he threw in a ton of extras as well.

 This was the big card I claimed.  I don't have many Crosby cards so this was a nice get.
 Bad scan, but a cool card of super Mario
 Cup Winners!
 I love this Pops card.
 Now we mean business.
 I don't think I've ever seen the /10 parallel autos from Turkey Red.  Very nice low print run of the former Mountaineer.
 More Pops
 More Stedman!
 Goodwin Champions always cracks me up.  These Crosby cards are kind of weird, but not as bad as some other Goodwin cards.  Take a look at the Pete Rose cards if you get a chance.....yikes.
 The Gold Medallion Hermansen is just fantastic.

 Not all Goodwin's are bad.  The Geno Smith is a cool card. A nice collection of former Mountaineers.
 I think I pretty much super collect the Pirate Parrot.  I love mascot cards.
I didn't even notice the serial number until I scanned this card.  Nice addition to my modest Steelers collection.

Thanks for hosting the second World Cup of Trading Wes. I know this has to be a lot of work.  As always your generosity knows no bounds.

Thanks for reading.