The Legend

The Legend

Monday, October 16, 2017

Katz Out of the Bag

Back to posting about baseball cards! 

My pal Shane Katz sent me a big bubble mailer stuffed to the gills with Buccos early last week. Shane is very active on Twitter so you may want to follow him there as well. He is always posting cool items and is craft beer fan to boot.  I'm extremely jealous of his proximity to world class breweries. 

Here is a fun oddball.  I wasn't familiar with JJ Nissen so I had to look them up.  They are a big time bread producer in the New England area that was bought out by a big conglomerate several years back.
Mad Dog!
Very familiar with Toys R Us cards since I use to beg my parents to buy me some. Al Pedrique is only 26 years old in the picture.  He looks 46.
A nice numbered Pedro from Heritage.

I always call the Kellogg's sets the most beloved in our community. The Candy Man is looking great as always.
The Pirates of my youth.  Shane hit me up with a lot of great oddballs.

Two Smiles.

A nice mix of Topps Gold cards including a fantastic Jay Bell card.

Sid Bream is best remembered for scoring the winning run in the NLCS as a member of the Braves, but the biggest portion of his career was with the Pirates.  He is also from the Pittsburgh area and frequents games.
Ugh....that Brian Bullington pick in 2002.  BJ Upton was the consensus number one rated player but was going to come with a huge price tag.
The Jose Mesa is a fantastic card. Lot of people forget he was a Pirate.  I will always prominently show a Derek Bell card. OPERATION SHUTDOWN

Manager card!
I feel this scan of 8 cards really sums up the early and mid 2000's Pirate teams.  For every decent major leaguer they had it was counteracted by replacement level guys.

The Jimmy's All Star card is one of my favorite Pirate cards of all time. All three of the players featured would probably be in my top ten favorite Pirates of all time.

Shane sent me a ton of legend Pirates. I'm always a little confused on why Topps produces so many cards featuring Maz and Pops at the tail end of their careers.

I love the Cutch Archives and Ginter cards.  For whatever reason they have historically been better than any of his Stadium Club cards.

A nice mix of current Buccos.  The Taillon Stadium Club with city backdrop is an all time great Pirate card.
Cardboard legend Jason Kendall in the house.  For him to have so many great base cards in an era focused on relics and autos is truly amazing.

Also here is Jeromy Burnitz looking like the least intimidating hitter of all time.  It kind of feels like a pose you would use for your Little League picture.  Love it!

It is hard to pick favorites out of this bunch. You have the great uniform and a fantastic collection of facial hair. If I'm forced I think I'm taking the Phil Garner.

Thanks so much for sending me so many great cards Shane.  My Red Sox stash is empty right now, but I'll be sure to hit you back soon.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

A Successful Homecoming

I had a ton of fun this weekend, but I feel like I need to sleep for 3 days. On Friday night we had around 40 people at our house which is fun, but exhausting. We can still party like undergrads every once in a while, but the recovery time has gone up ten fold.

The theme this weekend was Oktoberfest so lets take a look at some of the better beer I tried.

 Fat Heads has long been a favorite brewery of mine so I'm always excited to try any beer I can from them. This one was more on the sweeter side of the Oktoberfest style, but very tasty.

 I didn't know this beer existed. Schlafly is a brewery I've had a ton over the years, but had never seen this release until this year. Most Oktoberfest beers are low abv.....Schlafly decided to pump one up as this one clocks in at 8.5%.  It was amazing. Definitely one of the better beers I tried over the weekend.

 My brother goes to North Carolina quite a bit so over the years I've had him bring me some of the local brews back. Since he took a late trip in September he was able to accumulate some Oktoberfest.  This was my favorite of the NC ones.

Of course no Oktoberfest is complete without a nice sampling of traditional German Marzens. 

WVU managed to get the win on Saturday so that completed the fun weekend. It was looking pretty bad at the half, but WVU managed to overcome an 18 point deficit. 

I celebrated the win with an old fashion

Back to cards tomorrow!

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

0 For 6

Sometimes patience can save you a good bit of money.  Such was the case with this purchase.

2013 Panini Pen Pals 6 Auto

While most of these guys are still hanging around as backups you would have to consider this high end card a complete flop. Could you imagine the poor soul who bought this card at release. I'm guessing it was probably in the $200 range. I paid around $17. 

The appeal for me was to grab a high end card of former WVU great Geno Smith. While he hasn't panned out his stand alone autos still command a decent price.  Having all these other guys on the card actually saved me a few bucks. 

The card itself is really nice. Very clean on card autos are a rare commodity. The only real blemish is Nassib's crap signature. I also think he is the only one not on an active roster. 

Let's Go Mountaineers.  

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Party Planning Committee

This weekend is homecoming for WVU and my wife and I throwing a big Oktoberfest themed party. We are expecting around 45 guests and have several friends staying with us all weekend.  It is something I look forward to every football season. 

With the Oktoberfest theme you have to have good beer!

This year I took it upon myself to see how many Oktoberfest beers I could accumulate. Right now I'm sitting right around 30 with several of my out of town friends contributing to the pile tomorrow. Perhaps I'll go on a drunken Bob Walk eBay purchasing bender.

Need some good food too.

I found an online German deli to help me accumulate some unique sausages. I've been on a diet for the last couple of months which I will undoubtedly destroy over the weekend.  Well worth it.

My wife is the big hero of the party as she takes it upon herself to make all the other dishes from scratch. Homemade potato salad, sauerkraut, beer dip and desserts just to name a few.

If you are in the area feel free to stop by.  Probably a good weekend to really fleece me on a trade.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Christies or Sotheby's

I'll give you a second as you wipe the drool off of your keyboard. Is this not the greatest thing you've ever seen? Someone give me a high five.

If you show this Walk card at any Hawaiian strip club you get free admission.  Did you know that Walk owns every Pacific Coast League pitching record? Pretty amazing stuff.

This was actually part of a large COMC order, but this card had to be memorialized with its own post. All hail Walk.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Little Variety Would be NIce

I'm not reinventing the wheel with this post as I've seen it done several times.  Just thought I would show a Pirates version of the Topps practice of using the same image over and over.  

I haven't been hearing about this as much with recent releases so maybe they listened to the collecting masses and ended this lazy practice. In some ways it is kind of funny considering how many pictures of players are taken during one game.  I guess its equal part cheap/lazy/bad selection of Getty Images. 

Check out this awesome variety of Pedro Alvarez cards!

 This is the /50 gold parallel which is really cool!

The lack of variety always stings a little more with players like Alvarez who don't have much in the way of "hit" cards. Plus several of these cards are from high end sets so that adds to the insult even more.

Big thanks to Brian from Collecting Cutch who sent me all of these Pedro cards in the same team bag. He sarcastically had mentioned the great swinging pose that Topps fell in love with on the note.

I went through one of my saved albums and also found this one in my collection.....ugh

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Punting Action Card!!!!

Last month I noticed that former WVU kicker Pat McAfee was featured a good bit in 2017 Panini Certified. Of course I'm sucker for kicker cards so I knew I would try and chase a few of the more appealing parallels in the set.

2017 Panini Certified Accomplishments /50

For those that don't know much about McAfee he has quite the unique personality.  So unique that he decided to retire from the NFL to pursue outside interests. He has went on tour as a stand up comic and hosts his own show on Barstool Sports which seems to be pretty popular. I'm sure he left quite a bit of money on the table but you have to applaud someone doing what they love.

- By the way I think I typed "Leaf Certified" about 15 times doing this post.  Old habits die hard.  

Back to sorting cards....Long live kicker cards.

Thanks for reading. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Trade: Pack War

I've been on a nice run receiving some great trade packages. Today's package is from Corky of Pack War fame.  I've been following Corky's blog since I started mine, but this is the first time we swapped. Never too late to break the ice!

Corky approached me on Twitter letting me know he was reducing the cards in his collection of teams he doesn't actively collect.  I'm thankful he chose me to unload his Pirates. The blogging community constantly reminds you why it is the best.

Goudey cards are a nice way to get things rolling!

 Corky told me that he was originally going to make these prizes for his recent contest but decided to pass them along to someone who collected the Buccos. /fist pump by me

Who doesn't love Goudey. The bright vibrant colors make them some of the more unique vintage cards around.

 I remember this debut set.  I believe they were factory set only and featured guys who debuted in 89, but on the 90 Topps design. Lots of big names in this set like Griffey, Sosa and Deion Sanders.

Sometimes Stadium Club parallels are a little hard to see, but this is a black foil.  They fell around 3 a box. Pretty cool card of the Cole Train.

It seems like the hard copies of the eTopps cards are getting popular again on eBay. I didn't pay too much attention to eTopps when it was an active program. In recent years I've been sent some Pirate cards like this Bobby Bradley and have purchased a few Mccutchen's.  

Thanks for sending me all the great cards Corky.  I'll be taking a look at your want lists and hitting you back soon. 

Thanks for reading!