The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My Card Collecting Friends are the Best

I'm constantly reminded that our collecting community is the best. While most of my trades are blind it still doesn't take away from how cool it is to have a mailbox full of cards.  This week has been extra special as I've had multiple holiday themed packages arrive.  Big thanks to my Secret Santa and Kin...I'll be showing those off soon. 

This weekend I received a package from custom card maker Gypsy Oak via my good pal Mark Hoyle.  Mark brought Gypsy Oak to may attention when I first got on Twitter.  He is an amazing artist. Give him a follow on Twitter.

Mark picked out some great customs.

Seriously, how cool are these!  Hard to pick a favorite, but I'm going with the Gypsy Oak Honus.  It is a thing of beauty.

Big thanks to both Mark and Gypsy Oak.  What a great surprise.