The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Struggle is Real

I've been struggling with my computer to the point where I may have to buy a new one.  The hard drive seems like it may be on its last leg.  I have everything backed up now so other than a hit on the bank account damage will be minimal.  The worst thing will be scanning coming to a halt for a short period.  Might have to take some cell phone pics to keep things from backing up on the blog.  

My computer gave me enough time today to scan the NFL portion of Wes's trade package.  I bet in the last year Wes has sent me over 100 Steeler auto/relics.  My blogging friends continue to supply great NFL cards on a regular basis.

Ty Montgomery has really hurt my fantasy team this year.  Think it goes to show how important Aaron Rogers is to that team. 
Here is a beautiful patch of Steelers backup Landry Jones.

I don't think I have any Duce Staley Steelers cards.  This is a really nice one.
I'm sure this card could be the start of a lot of jokes.
Absolute Football is always a nice mix of old and new.  Love collecting the Steel Curtain guys.
The Steelers have always done a nice job of developing high end receivers through the draft. Antonio Brown is on pace to become the best receiver in Steelers history. 
Love the Tee Martin Showcase card.  Probably my favorite of this nice looking bunch of cards.

I stopped actively buying Steelers before Bell got into the league.  Always pumped to get his cards in trade. He is one of my favorites to watch play as his style is so unique.

Thanks again Wes for hooking me up.  If my computer allows it I'll get to the baseball portion soon. 

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  1. Wes always sends cool cards. I really like the Bell relic, and the dual of course. You're right about the Packers - man, they are lost without Rodgers. I almost wish they'd tank for a top 10 pick, but it looks like Aaron is on the way back...yay?

    1. Rodgers might be the hardest person to replace in the NFL. Even the Patriots have won games without Brady. The Packers just go to shit when he is out.

  2. I also had Ty Montgomery on my fantasy team. It seems he just isn't built for running back. Every other game he is hurt or questionable.

    Nice cards.

  3. Sorry to hear about your computer. Have you been "nice" this year? Maybe Santa will bring you a new computer.

    P.S. Bell is a beast. I stopped buying football cards by the time he arrived on the scene too. But one day, I'd like to add a rookie card of his to my collection.