The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sistine Chapel, Starry Night, Mona Lisa......Bob Walk!

It is going to take me a while to get things sorted from my latest package from Wes. In the meantime I wanted to bring some attention to two cards that I found among 20,000 Donruss Walk cards he sent.  Think I'm exaggerating? 

I got Walk'd .

It seems that Wes commissioned Gavin to do a couple special items that were buried in the bottom of his monster box. 

OH MY!!!! You know only the greatest athletes get the cut signature treatment.  Other Pirates to have cut signatures are Honus Wagner, Paul Waner and Clemente.  I'm sure if those guys were around today they would be happy to be associating with Bob Walk.

This was my favorite of the two.  More of Walk's signature hair and stache!

I figured with this latest package that Wes had some help.  This is obviously Gavin's work.  The other items are not so obvious, but I have an idea of some people that probably helped along the way.  Lot's of scanning to do on the other items.

Thanks so much Gavin for joining in on the fun with Wes.  These are truly unique items that I will cherish.  You did great work.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

The Greatest Pull in the History of Mankind

It's always exciting to open a pack and pull cards that fit perfectly in your collection.  I must have got drunk one evening and ordered these on eBay....

They look tampered with, but we will see what happens.  Looks like some guy named Zippy left a calling card.   

Whoa.....The factory really messed this pack up.  Bank error in my favor.

Have you ever pulled three Trout autos out of a pack.  This is basically that.
Grand Slam!

Ok, enough kidding around.  I was the recipient of a legendary Zapping from long time trading partner Kenny. If all repacks could be this fun.  One of the main calling cards of a good Zapping is plenty of prospect cards.
The Pirates first round pick from 2017 has impressed early in his career.
I just posted about Hayes.  I've been in buy mode with him as his cards seem very cheap for his prospect stats.
Pirates #1 prospect Mitch Keller!

I love Bowman Platinum.  Solid base cards that remind me of Finest.

Fingers crossed that Glasnow doesn't suck this year.  It has been a rough go for him at the MLB level.  Extremely tall pitchers just take a long time to find their groove.  Tyler has dominated all levels of the minors but it just hasn't translated to the big league level.

Cutch pondering if he is going to get traded.  The answer is yes, Cutch.

I'm a frequent purchaser of Pro Debut cards because they were the first set to feature the Black Bears. Fingers crossed that Heritage Minors will make one soon.  Pour one out for Cole, too.
Some fun names in Pirate history right here.  Lillibridge was one of the key names that netted Adam LaRoche for the Buccos.  Mclouth got traded to make way for Cutch.  Stewart continued the long stretch of the Yankees providing catching depth to the Pirates.  Can't wait for future Buccos Gary Sanchez and Luis Torrens...!

Zippy has started playing around with hockey! Here are a bunch of current Pens.  Pittsburgh has been spoiled during the Crosby era.  My favorite of the bunch is international sex symbol Phil Kessel.
I love goalie cards.  Doug from Sportscards From The Dollar Store has a mask collection which is really cool.
5 Walk cards!

Teke and the Candy Man.  Two all time great cardboard guys.
Last but not least is a Jack Wilson card I don't think I had.  What a way to round out some awesome additions.  Thanks Kenny!

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Penny Sleeves Make for a Good PWE

I'm getting excited for the rare match up between the only Division 1 schools in WV. Marshall and WVU use to play on a regular basis but the commitment ended in 2015.  Nice to see a game with so much on the line.  WVU has a dominant advantage in the all time series, but the games have always been close.  

On to a mail day with a nice basketball theme.  

Jon from A Penny Sleeve for your thoughts recently hit with a PWE that hit some of my non Pirates collections. 

 I've been making some process in accumulating some recent West cards.  I went for a stretch right before I started blogging where I was adding on a regular basis and then I hit a dry spell.  Now thanks to Jon and many other bloggers I'm starting to heat up again.

WVU hasn't had much success in putting players in the NBA lately so West often times is the lone guy to look for.
 Rock those tiny shorts Jerry!
 I've long been a sucker for canvas cards so Turkey Red was always a favorite for baseball.  Nice to see the basketball variety.

Now for a couple of legendary Steelers.

 If you weren't a fan of the Steelers during Bettis's peak you probably hated watching them.  He was the ultimate football closer because his style would just milk a clock.

I didn't remember the "Sensations" Fleer Ultra set.  Classy looking with the fancy borders.
 The Steelers don't screw up much when determining what players to sign and which ones to let go via free agency.  Woodson was one of the rare misses.  He would go on and play a ton more productive years after he left Pittsburgh.

Ending with fire here.  Yeah, it is a Braves card, but Walk transcends normal team alliances. I often joke that any Braves issued Walk card is good for a free admission in any Atlanta area strip club. Actually that is not a joke.  It works, trust me....!

Thanks for the nice surprise Jon.  I'll try to find something nice to hit you back with.  

Thanks for reading! 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Julie Sends the Old and the New

I actually had this post ready yesterday, but my brother and I opened a few too many heavy stouts while watching the WVU game.  Friends don't let friends blog while inebriated. Glad WVU pulled out the win! 

Julie is a frequent trade partner who always seems to find something unique for me.  The first thing I saw when opening the envelope had me super pumped. 

The Senior Professional League! I've seen these several times over the years on the blogs and always wanted some for myself.  Thanks to Julie she hit me up with a ton of former Buccos.  A lot of the late 70's Pirates played in this league. 

Part of me loves this idea, but its not hard to see why the league folded after just 2 seasons. The novelty of seeing some of your old favorites wears off after a few games.  At least it was immortalized through cardboard! 

 Rennie Stennett still looks like he could play today.

 I kind of want an Orlando Juice uniform!
 I bet Oliver could still hit the hell out of the ball.
 My favorite of the bunch!

 Pagan is probably best know for knocking in Stargell in game 7 of the 71 World Series that proved to be the series winning run.

 Ted works out!
 How about a 49 Bowman of Bob Chesnes!

Julie also decided to drop the Heritage Pirates on me which is greatly appreciated. I liked this years set, but it seems like the Pirate checklists are going to be really small in the Topps releases this year. Doesn't really warrant going to pick up a box.

 Nice to see a Cervelli card.  Hopefully he can stay healthy this year.
 Pumped to see a few more Felipe Rivero cards.  Flies under the radar, but he quickly turned into one of the more dominating relievers out there.  Looks like the Pirates made out like bandits in the Mark Melancon trade.
Also included is two SP's! David Freese doesn't have a ton of Pirate cards out there so this is a nice get. Thanks Julie!

As usual you hit a homerun Julie.  Thanks for thinking of me. I'll continue to scope out some unique cards for your collection.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

I Swear I'm not Sponsored by Leaf

2015 Leaf Trinity Ke'Bryan Hayes /10

A few years back I went through a stretch where I was adding Leaf Trinity autos on a regular basis. So many big names for the fraction of the price. The above card only cost me $3.25 on eBay! 

If you are not familiar with Trinity it is basically all the big prospects minus the Topps license. Most of the low numbered cards are either personalized like above or feature big patches. For this Hayes you get a nice big area for personalization and an on card auto.  

Hayes has been a top 5 prospect in the Pirates system since he was drafted. His cards are crazy cheap so I've been adding a lot lately.  This purchase was part of a bigger lot where I picked up 8 different autos. The average price per card was around $4 so I thought it was worth the risk. 

Thanks for reading! Go check out some Trinity cards. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kuhler Than the Other Side of the Pillow

2016 Bowman Chrome Chad Kuhl Auto

Today is the first day in a week that I've looked at cards.  My Grandmother passed away this past weekend.  While it is sad to lose a loved one, she had a very full/long life. The viewing and funeral was more of a celebration of a life lived than reflecting on the sad ending.  It was nice visiting with family I hadn't seen in years telling stories.  

Back to cards! Chad Kuhl wasn't much of a "prospect" coming out of college so he didn't receive the early Bowman treatment.  He had already made his debut by the time the above auto came out.  Like most players this card came out of the gate a little more hot, but has settled to the point where you can grab it for .99 plus shipping.  Such was the case with this one. 

I always like additions like this as Kuhl is projected to be in the Pirates rotation.  He has a big arm, but his command never really came around in 2017. He rarely would go past 5 innings. His ERA and FIP show about a league average pitcher, but the tax on the bullpen is rough over the course of the season

The Pirates seem to be trending towards the idea of putting a few multi inning guys in the bullpen to piggyback these short starts. Interesting to see how that plays out.  The Pirates may be cheap, but they haven't been shy about being the first to experiment with in game strategy. Its a well known fact that pitcher effectiveness drops drastically the third time through the order. If you have a roster that can limit that it may prove beneficial over the course of the season.  It takes a ton of depth so that will be the big test. 

Thanks for reading and thanks to Chad Kuhl for having a pun worthy name. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

It Goes On and On and On....

I'm use to Wes's craziness more than most, but this time around I'm having a hard time keeping up. It feels like as soon as I get a post up something else is in my mailbox.

Nothing too special here....just an autograph bat of one of my all time favorite Pirates Jason Bay. See what I mean....  Who does that? You are out of your mind.

The good thing is I'm making progress on a unique return shot.  Hopefully I can get that to you before Bob Walk knocks on my door to personally deliver an autograph.  Maybe you and I can just meet Walk and Willingham for lunch one day.  What is the halfway point between Morgantown and Hazel Green?

Thanks again for such a great piece.  I'm going to buy a nice mount for this bad boy and hang it up.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Paying Tribute

I think this is the only Aramis Ramirez card that I ever wanted and struggled to find. While his first tenure was short as a Pirate he did leave a decent amount of cardboard featuring him in the Bucco uniform. 

For whatever reason Topps decided to make an auto of him featured in the Bucco uniform in 2012.  I didn't really understand the thought process, but was happy to see the card made.  The weird thing is not many hit auction and most of the BIN prices were way more than I wanted to spend. 

2012 Topps Tribute Aramis Ramirez auto /99

Thankfully I stumbled into this card while purchasing another card. My usual practice is to see if the seller offers combined shipping and has anything else for sell.  Fortunately I found this card for $4. Not bad at all. 

Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Gypsy Oak

Recently I held a contest on the blog in which two of the winners were Red Sox fans (Mark Hoyle and Ron from Section 36).  Since my Red Sox stockpile was low I decided to do something a little different with the prize package.  I commissioned the artist Gypsy Oak to create some pieces for each of them.  

Of course he went above and beyond and really hooked each up with unique pieces.  I couldn't have been happier with the quality.  I'm an awe of his talents.  

As a thank you for the work, Gypsy Oak even hooked me up with a Barney Dreyfuss postcard! Check this out. 

If you ever want something unique for your collection shoot Gypsy Oak an email.  So incredibly talented! Seriously, how cool is that Dreyfuss.  So unique!

Thanks for reading!