The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Circling Back Around

As most of you know I'm an unapologetic Topps Now collector.  I got in early so I have several of the hard to get Pirate cards including the very first NOW card produced Francisco Liriano.  Since I've been quiet on the new card front, I decided to see if I could fill a hole in my collection.

Until just a few weeks back the Pirates only had two NOW autos that were both related to the Spring Training set from the beginning of last season.  When the set was announced I used the coupon that has been given each year and got a nice discount.  I was lucky enough to get this parallel Marte autograph.

The original checklist had originally announced three signers (Marte, Glasnow and Taillon).  As it turns out the production was so low that the Glasnow was never produced to my knowledge.  So the hunt was on for the Taillon.

I finally tracked the Taillon down last October

That left the base Marte auto to finish out the Pirates auto set.  I had seen a few hit eBay, but for the longest time I didn't care.  Basically it took a seller marking the price way down on a BIN or best offer.  The seller took my first offer and here we are.
Not too shabby! So far the NOW ride has been pretty fun.  The Pirates have had the perfect checklist since the start of the program.  They fall right in the middle in terms of cards produced and have only had one auto that wasn't Spring Training related (Austin Meadows).  I took a gamble and jumped on it quick as they sold out super quick.  Hopefully that one doesn't bite me in the ass.

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  1. I can't decide if I am happy or sad that the Twins have only had Spring training Topps NOW autos. I know my bank account is relieved.

  2. I picked up all the Cubs from the inaugural season. With the WS win, I feel like it was lightning in a bottle and just haven't been as enthusiastic about them since. I still get all the base cards but haven't done the autos or relics aside from that first year.

    Some feats I feel are worthy are left unrecognized while others that are chosen leave me scratching my head. I realize it comes down to how much money they can print, er, I mean make, but consistency would be nice too.

    Nice pick up, BTW