The Legend

The Legend

Monday, June 11, 2018


Last year I started searching around for some more obscure WVU releases.  Ultimately this lead to some CFL sets.

The Mountaineers have a long history of putting players in the CFL so my brain finally decided to do the cardboard math and start looking outside the normal NFL releases.  I've seen Jogo cards before in passing, but finally started to look for specific cards that pertain to my collection.  Super pumped to find this 2008 Montreal Alouettes Avon Cobourne.

While having his fair share of NFL releases, this was a little more exciting.  Most "new" to me Cobourne cards are hard to find parallels so its nice to see something actually "different" instead of an auto variant.

The next step is to create myself a checklist of cards to chase.  I've unearthed some fun stuff pertaining to Euro basketball leagues, CFL and USFL. A huge WVU lot that was sent my way courtesy of JBF really opened my eyes so I hope to continue to build upon that.

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  1. If there are a bunch of CFL cards on this side of the border, and they're too costly to ship stateside, you can have them shipped to me and I'll pass them along.

  2. Major Harris has a couple of cards, as does Vanderjagt.