The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, May 21, 2017

My First NOW Auto

Back before Spring Training started Topps sent out a coupon for anyone that was going to take the plunge on one of the 15 card Topps NOW team sets.  After some debate I decided I would take the plunge on the auto version since the checklist was Marte, Glasnow and Taillon.  I had my fingers crossed for a Glasnow since it would be considered a rookie auto, but it didn't end up like that.

Quick side note....Sells of these team sets were really poor.  One big reason besides the asking price had to be that Topps really dropped the ball on the checklists.  Many teams including the Pirates didn't have all 15 cards announced by the deadline.  Seemed like a really lazy mistake unless I'm missing something.  It wasn't a big deal for me as all the players I wanted to see were announced already but some teams only had about half listed.

 For obvious reasons this is probably not the most desirable card to get right now, but I didn't mind.  It had been a while since I've added a nice Marte to the collection and this goes down as one of the more unique.  This is actually one of the parallels, but since so few sets were produced I'm wondering if all the autos are short printed.  So far of the three signers I've only seen two Marte's on eBay. One was /10 and the other /25.

 Here is the base version.
 Love the Cutch card. It has a nice Spring Training feel to it. The Bell might turnout to be a nice rookie card since the set is so low numbered.

 Harrison for the win here.  Nice to see a David Freese Pirate card too.  He has only had a couple so far.
 Another Glasnow rookie and a rare Nova Pirate card.

Real life Pirate John Jaso.

Overall I'm happy with the purchase. Obviously it wasn't the best of times to receive a rare Marte auto, but either way it is a welcome addition to the collection. I was torn on whether I would have found these cheaper on the secondary market, but I feel I probably made the wise decision with ordering straight from Topps.  Right now I'm not even sure if the Glasnow and Taillon autos were produced and the Marte's I've seen are super expensive on eBay.  I just don't think many of these will make their way to the secondary market.  Time will tell I guess.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Upgraded to Section 36

Ron runs the Red Sox oriented Section 36 blog.  I feel like I missed out on my trip to Fenway by not sitting in that section. If you haven't checked out his blog, it is always a great read.  The guy loves his Red Sox. 

A few weeks back Ron contacted me about sending some Bucco cards my way. He then explained how he purges his collection every ten years.  When he opens packs he pulls out all the Red Sox cards and anything that can be sold on eBay.  He then boxes all the extras up by team and gets rid of them after 10 years. That my friends is some organization. I can speak for many of us that I would love to be that organized where I could do that. 

Since he does the 10 year system I inherited 2007 plus a few extras. 

 We could have used the Parrot behind the plate in 2007.  That season was an odd one for the Pirates. They had some decent position players, but the pitching was a train wreck.

 A numbered to /99 Pedro.
 This is a sharp looking manu-relic.  I usually hate these type of cards, but I actually like this one.

 Ronny Paulino and Ryan Doumit shared the catching duties in 2007.  This auto is numbered to /99. Paulino had a nice start to his Pirates career, but his defense went south in his second year.
 I do love manager cards.
 and team cards!
 Gold bordered Turkey Red cards are super cool!
 The Pirates uniforms always go well with gold or black parallels.

 Spring Training shot!
 About once a week I get reminded how cool UD cards were.  Love that Cota card.

 Tony Plush relic!
 The problem with the Buccos during the crazy long consecutive losing season streak is that for every solid player like Jack Wilson you would have three Chris Duffy's.

It is amazing how similar the four pitching cards are!

Thanks for the great cards Rob. I'll check your want lists out soon and hook you up with a thank you.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Big Fun Spoils

Wes brought out the big guns for the Big Fun Game. That is probably the least surprising statement in the history of mankind.  For those that know Wes, know for a fact that he is a madman.

I got a late number slot in the Big Fun Game which is good and bad.  The good thing is that it doesn't give much time for my card to get stolen, but the negative side of things is that the heavy hitters are likely not eligible to be stolen as they would have been passed around several times.

Well, things happened to work out for me....
 My prize was this cool printing plate of Casey Stengel.  A pretty cool card for just randomly picking a number!

Of course Wes threw in a couple of extras.
 An extra for Wes is a Pops relic.... Sweet Spot Classic was a cool set.  Great shot of the Pirate legend.
Cole Tucker was a first round pick for the Buccos a few years back, but was injury plagued from day one.  He seems healthy now and has really come out of the gate strong.  The Pirates need as many good middle infield prospects as they can get.

Thanks for the Big Fun Game Wes. You really outdid yourself.  Look forward to whatever else you got in mind.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Giant in Person Trade

One of the coolest parts of my trip to Arizona was getting to meet Daniel from It's Like Having My Own Card Shop.  Daniel's generosity knows no bounds. He had already hooked my brother and I up with great tickets when he handed me pile of cards.

 I cropped the scan a little bit, but this is actually one of those gigantic box topper jersey cards. Here is a better photo to see the actual size.

Takes up a good portion of the keyboard.

 Here is a Sweet Spot auto that has held up nicely over time.

 Now this is an awesome card. What a great looking card with a nice bold auto of the greatest Canadian ever to walk the earth.

 Some new base from Gypsy Queen.  Man, did Kang and Marte ever screw over the Pirates chances this year.  Marte got pinged for PED's and Kang likes to drink and drive.

 John Holdzkom pulled the pitching version of the Natural a few years back. He came out of nowhere and was one of the best relievers for a month when the Pirates were making a playoff push. Next year he got hurt and hasn't been back to the big leagues since.

I like the Bowman Chrome tallboys. Poor Taillon has the worst luck ever. He had recently went on the DL with groin discomfort which ended up being testicular cancer. The prognosis is good as it is being reported that the cancer was found early.

Thanks so much for the great trade Daniel.  It was fun chatting with you.  Hopefully our paths cross again.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Digging Deep

I think every team has that player that has been around for a long time, but for whatever reason lacks a decent amount of cardboard. For the Pirates this would be starting shortstop Jordy Mercer. He is well into his fifth season as a Pirate and other than some flagship cards here and there his card catalog is lacking.

2013 Topps Update Jordy Mercer Blue Sapphire /25

When I saw this parallel pop up on eBay I knew I wanted to grab it.  I also knew it would likely be one of those deals where I pay more in shipping than the actual card. I hate doing that, but the allure of adding a card of Mercer I didn't have was too much.  So here we are! 

Overall it is a pretty nice looking card. In hand the background doesn't look as green as it does in the scan.  Looks like he is playing in overgrown grass in that picture.  

Does your team have a guy that has been around for a long time, but lacks cards? Jordy's reason is that he wasn't a huge prospect. Those guys tend to not get the Bowman love. 

Thanks for reading. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Back to Being a Baseball Card Blog

If I went cardless for much longer this card blog would have morphed into a travel blog.  Anthony Bourdain I am not. Nice to be back in my comfort zone and having some time to enjoy some cardboard.

2015 Topps Archives Kent Tekulve Gold Auto /50

Coming off vacation with a bang here with cardboard legend Kent Tekulve.  This is a Fan Favorites auto I can really get behind.  The last couple of years Topps had made some interesting choices in what they considered Pirate "fan favorites'' by picking the likes of Kris Benson and Sid Bream. The Bream was the real weird one. 

Here is a few former Buccos I would love see have a Fan Favorites auto.
- Jay Bell
- Bobby Bonilla
- Mike Lavalliere (Extra points if signed Spanky)

Tekulve autos sell dirt cheap as I got this one for around $5 shipped. It has been a lot of fun seeing Topps produce some new Teke autos.  I say it every time, but the guy just has a great look. 

Thanks for reading! 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Contest Results

A pretty nice turnout for my random contest late last week.  Below is the winner.

  1. gcrl
  2. wilson
  3. ko rob
  4. ketchupman36
  5. raz
  6. corky
  7. jon
  8. need more cardboard
  9. kin
  10. the lost collector
  11. adam sanders
  12. sumomenkoman
  13. fuji
  14. adam kaningher
  15. irondequoit36
  16. robert
  17. nick
  18. tony burbs
  19. jafronius
  20. richard nebe jr
  21. john miller
  22. brian
  23. angus
  24. mark hoyle
  25. julie owens
  26. greg zakwin
  27. zman40
  28. stealing home
  29. dennis
  30. al kawamoto
  31. night owl
  32. mike matson
  33. sport card collectors
  34. defgav
  35. doe mg
  36. john hazen
  37. captkirk42
  38. john sharp
  39. the angels in order
  40. nachos grande
  41. rob
  42. jwilden27
  43. shoeboxlegends
  44. tim b
  45. jedi jeff
Congrats to my pal GCRL.  You win all kinds of great Giants cards....I kid, I kid.  I'll hook you up soon, plus with the extra addition of some beer! 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Back From the Desert

All good things come to an end.  Sad to see the trip end as I had a great time in Arizona.  I got to see three games and meet up with fellow blogger Daniel. Big props to him for hooking me up with tickets on Friday.  My brother and I greatly appreciate it.

Our down time was spent eating food and drinking some local brews. I probably need to cleanse for a week or two to get back in working order.  All diets out the window for vacation.

Here are a few pictures from the trip.  If you follow me on Twitter some of these may be repeats.

 I thought the in game experience was pretty good at Chase Field.  We sat on both the first and third base sides and enjoyed each. We were kind of surprised at the lack of attendance for the fireworks night, especially since the Dbacks are so good at home.

 A couple more drinks I would have probably tried to jump in....

 Note: Neither were the real Clemente...
 This was a flight of delicious beer from the Arizona Wilderness brewery.
 I got really close and the security didn't say anything....
 Make some Noise!!!!
 This was a cool shot of Cutch

 My wife laughs at me because I'm totally anti fireworks. Usually I just use them as an excuse to beat traffic or head to a bar after the game.  This is proof to her that I actually watched them.

 A view from the craft beer bar in the outfield.
 Another picture with proof of purchase!

This was taken at the top of our hotel.  I don't think we were supposed to be up there. 

Overall this was a great trip. I'm already trying to decide where the 2018 trip might be. Early favorite is San Francisco.  

Thanks for reading.  I'll announce the contest winner tomorrow. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

All Access

I walked around the stadium a good bit while the Dbacks were killing the Pirates and was able to get a good shot of Cutch.

Big thanks again to Daniel who hooked me up with the tickets.   We were even able to make a swap of cards! 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Contest Reminder

Just a reminder I'm holding a contest while I'm out of town.  I'm using the blogger app so I'm not sure if this will work.  If a link doesn't appear just go to my last post.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hitting the Road and a Contest

Contest Closed

Tomorrow my brother and I leave for Phoenix to watch the Pirates/Dbacks series.  Its a 4 game series but we are only hitting the first 3 games.  Looking forward to a fun guys weekend.

I plan on meeting Daniel from It's like having my own Card Shop on Friday.  He was nice enough to treat me to a Dbacks game. Definitely looking forward to meeting another blogger in person.  I'll buy you a beer!

To keep up with some trading momentum I figured I run a small contest while I'm out of town.  Just comment below and you are entered.  I'll draw on Monday.

Let's go Bucs!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Top 10 Favorite Cards: Jason Bay

I'm not a player collector.  Wandering aimlessly from card to card as a team collector is more my speed. With that being said, I'm not without my preferences. If you read my drivel on a regular basis I tend to wax poetic on Jason Bay more than any other player.

Fellow Pirate blog Collecting Cutch decided to hold a contest where you feature your ten favorite cards of your favorite player.  While this is a little out of my comfort zone (waiting on obscure 90's Pirate inserts contest!), I can definitely hold my own with my favorite Canadian Pirate. The bad thing with Bay is that his peak was right dead smack in hit/relic craze.  He doesn't have many cool base cards and inserts.  I actually have quite a few 1/1's of Bay, but most are on the boring side.  The cards featured were mainly hard to get ones and have a story to go along with them.

10.  I love cards that give me excuses to add autos of other players.  This is a nice triple auto featuring three guys that put up big numbers in the mid to late 2000's. No hall of famers here, but just three guys that had nice long careers.

9.  I'd venture to say not many lists will include Tom Gorzelanny in them. This card made my list as it was the main card in a big purchase around 3 years back.  I actually had no idea this card existed so their was some extra excitement with the purchase.

8. This card cracks me up.  It has 5 signatures of Pirates, but only three in Pirate uniforms. The Pirates were selling off players at a fast pace when this card was made.  So weird and funny it had to be on the list.

7.  Like a college football team that takes a bad loss, this Bay will probably be off the list next year because the red ink will likely fade.  I've done all the precautions to slow it down, but it is likely inevitable. You had a nice run red ink Bay. 

6.   Freaking Ballpark Collections had a knack of showing a player in one uniform and a different team featured in print. It is my only Bay logo card so it was enough to make the list. 

5.  For whatever reason Jason Bay was featured with a lot of Marlins players in a short span. He has cards with Miggy, Josh Willingham and Jeremy Hermida. It also cracks me up that Travis Hafner got thrown in there.  

4. Of all the Bay cards out there, the ones from Exquisite probably took me the longest to get. Lots of low numbered parallels.  This one is on here more for the hunt than the actual look.  

3.    Erase Hafner add David Wright.  While it may look pricey, having Miggy in his Marlins uniform cuts the price down significantly. 

2. Bay doesn't have much with Clemente so this one had to make the list. 

1. It's a tie! I always laugh at Jeter's signature.  He and my 3 year old have similar autos. 

I had three other Bay cards I really wanted to put on the list, but they are buried deep in a closet. So I'll give honorable mention to a couple Bay cards featuring a cool Canadian WBC patch.  

Thanks for reading.