The Legend

The Legend

Monday, May 1, 2017

A Gut Shot and a Low Blow

I just got done watching the Pirates and Penguins game.  It wasn't a good sports for the city of Pittsburgh. First an extra innings loss to the Reds and then an overtime loss to the Capitals.

My Buccos really need to right the ship defensively.  They have had a handful of games already this year where the defense was the main culprit in a loss.  They just have too many holes to fill with the losses of Freese and Frazier to injury and the Marte and Kang issues.

The Pens might be in trouble because Crosby got his brain scrambled on a cross check.  Hopefully he isn't concussed for the 20th time.

How about some cards.

I'm sitting on a couple of trade packages that I need to post.  I know John Miller and Doug sent me something last week.  Those will probably get scanned tomorrow and posted late this week. Between enjoying the nice weather and watching these games I tend to get sidetracked.  Rest assured the packages arrived safe and sound.

You know what makes things feel 100 times better.  Kevin Young baseball cards!!!!

2001 Topps Gold Label Kevin Young /299 Class 3

I always think of these memes when I see Gold Label cards.

Hopefully your cities team had a better day today.  Unless your team is the Capitals and then you can go straight to hades.

Ok I'm meme'd out.  Time for some sleep.


  1. Oh man. I gotta find out where that guy took his glamour shots. I've been looking for the right person to photograph me and my 1956 Topps Jackie Robinson.

    1. Oh man, you have to do that. That would be awesome.