The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Special Edition

I have no rhyme or reason for the team sets I chase.  Sometimes a set may have a cool checklist, other times it may be the looks of the cards. I think this 1995 UD Special Edition set falls somewhere in the middle.

The Special Edition cards were a hobby only insert that was placed 1 a pack.  They are not too rare, but are old enough now to where it can be a pain in the butt to complete. Anytime I can add a new Al Martin card I'm a happy camper.

Feast your eyes on eight beauties....

To me the best card is the Orlando Merced naughty face photo. Overall the set has a nice shiny chrome look to it that makes the cards look better in person than any scan I'm showing.

Do you guys remember these?

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  1. I do remember them. I had a few Yankees. It's a cool set for sure.

    1. I like it. So many sets like this in the mid 90's. Sets within sets.