The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Walk, Papoy, HSCA Collaboration #19

I think this is actually number 20 as I need to go back and post my portion of a Finest box from February. This time around I'll be showing my portion of a box of Diamond Kings busted by Brian of HSCA fame.

Of all the boxes we've opened in our collaboration, DK has delivered the most. On multiple occasions we have hit low numbered patches and autographs.  While my portion of this break didn't deliver a monster and did help my Pirates collection.

 The base cards of Diamond Kings all have a canvas feel to them. Like most Panini products the old time players look the best.  This Honus Wagner card is super cool.

 Here is Max Carey looking like my Dad when he was pissed at me as a child.
 A very young Paul Waner.
Watching Aaron Judge take batting practice is now on my bucket list.  Good lord can he murder a baseball. He just pulverized a hanging curve tonight.

 Here are a couple of silver frame cards. The Don Larsen is pretty cool while the Chipper is boring.

 A sampling of a few more base cards. It was nice to get both the Waner brothers in my break.

Now for my hit!
Obviously I was pretty happy that Brian pulled a Pirate.  We had been on quite a dry run pulling Pirate hits. Josh Bell will have a little more pressure to produce now that Marte is suspended. Hopefully he can have a big year.

Brian also threw in some cool extras in which I'll have a separate post tomorrow.  Here is a sneak peak of one of the cool items.

How cool is that!

Thanks for the break Brian.


  1. I love the Diamond Kings cards.. I have a pack from last year and I really like them..

  2. That Judge is awesome. He crushed that homer tonight.

  3. "Here is Max Carey looking like my Dad when he was pissed at me as a child."

    How often was that?

  4. The Pirates are well represented in the set, I think it would be a decent haul even before the hit.
    My favorite part of these breaks, though, is when we pull hits for someone else!

  5. For a non logo brand, DK has been very well done the last couple of years. I am not a fan of the silver framed cards, but the base cards with the team colored paint blots look great.

  6. what luck you have! Pulling a signed rookie Pirate! so cool! I love Diamond Kings but haven't picked them up yet. There are two boxes out there with my name on them. you know the ones - full of relief pitchers with the Marlins and Rays.