The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, April 20, 2017

HSCA Delivers Mike Fetters and Bob Walk

Brian is one of the lucky ones that has card shows and shops at his disposal. I'm not that jealous though because Brian is always looking out for me.  Each time I get package it is chalk full of unique items.

Speaking of unique.  Where in the heck did you find this Brian?  How cool is this! 

Kevin Newman has become a legitimate high end prospect.  He is likely the shortstop of the future who might make his debut at some point next season. 

 Brian is starting to learn his obscure Mountaineers!

 I love this card, but now it makes me sad :(

 Jay Bell left Pittsburgh before the parallel/auto/relic explosion.  Always a fan favorite, I'm pumped that Brian found this.
 Another unique item.  Yes this is part of a used 79 World Series ticket.  With inflation that seat now cost 42 million dollars.

I'm a huge team card fan and also have a nice collection of manager cards.  This nails both spectrum's.

 A nice parallel of Josh Harrison.  If he could ever learn some plate discipline he would be a super valuable player.  Did you see a couple games back when he was hit by a pitch in four consecutive plate appearances....Ouch
 Fleer have several short lived fancy looking sets from this era.  Some of my favorites to find Buccos from. Love this Kevin Young!
Professional drinker Jung Ho Kang.
 Brian continues his WVU dominance. The Quincy Wilson east/west game card from Ultra is my favorite.
 Brian really helped my team set with all these GQ Buccos.
 Sexy beast Mike Fetters.

 I'm pro mascot card!
 A card I forgot to show yesterday with the Donruss break.
Sorry Mike Fetters, you are still a distant second to Mr. Walk.

Thanks for the trade Brian.  What an eclectic bunch of cards and memorabilia.  A+ effort my friend.

Thanks for reading.


  1. At least Topps put the Pirate Parrot's Name on the card.. Unlike Ace for the Jays...

    1. Yeah I saw that those cards were very consistent with the quality. I think all these mascots have actual names, but they just decided to leave a handful blank

  2. The media guide was in a card / comic / record shop that just opened last month. I got in before a lot people had a chance to pick it over. That was the only Pirates media guide in there, there was a fair amount of stuff for AL teams. They also had a stack of college media guides, but no WVU, I made sure!

    1. That is cool. My town only has a couple established comic stores but they don't venture into sports.

      As always thanks for looking out.

  3. Fetters is gaining on Walk. Big boy! I dont remember him at all but wont forget now.