The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Boring Side of NOW

Here is where I get a little more critical of Topps NOW.  Overall I really like the concept, but sometimes the delivery leaves something to be desired.  To me this concept should really capture the moment. This photo used to commemorate a very efficient "Maddux" complete game by Ivan Nova is just so boring. It might as well be his 2017 flagship base card.

I think I like the flagship card better.  I know Topps is handcuffed by what Getty gives them, but come on.  Maybe a shot of him and the catcher shaking hands.  How about him fist pumping coming off the mound.....Seriously, anything would be better than what they chose.

I guess the joke is on me since I still bought the card.


  1. I tend to agree. A lot of the shots are half body close ups.

    1. It really is my one big complaint. I know pitchers are the hardest to capture in unique poses, but that doesn't even look like they are trying.