The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mean Cards

My Buccos haven't been very fun to watch the last couple of weeks so I figured I would take a break from showing baseball cards and dig deep for some Steelers.

I have a fairly large Steelers collection that has been dormant minus what I receive in blog trades. Only so much money to go around for cards so they were the odd collection out once I got married. Maybe once I become CEO of a fortune 500 company I can begin to scour eBay again.

The biggest part of my collection is Hines Ward, but I also made it a point to add some of the Steel Curtain era guys.

2004 Donruss Classics Joe Greene Auto

Joe Greene is one of those guys that signs a lot, but he has such a demand the cards still hold their value well.  Base autos are still going to cost you in the $30-$40 range. I have had this card for over 10 years so I'm not sure what I paid, but I'm guessing it was in that area.

Sad Pirate fact of the night....The starting outfield is Adam Frazier, Danny Ortiz and John Jaso :(


  1. Nice "Mean Joe"! I'll be happy to see some Stillers featured here, even if it's a Bubby Brister auto.

    1. I have a few nice ones. They are just super expensive to collect. Too big of a following.

  2. stop trying to make 'fetch' happen. oh wait, i misinterpreted the title of the post.