The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Rediscover Greatness

What I'm about to show you will boggle your mind. These may send my daughter to college one day. You want to see what a recession proof investment looks like....

It is good that the background is distorted because Lord Walk deserves your full attention. 

 I see your ESPN body issue and raise you 87 Topps Bob Walk.
 Bryce Harper wishes he had Bob Walk hair.

Glad the 90 Topps captures the picturesque background of Three Rivers Stadium.

You've probably refreshed the page several times thinking all these cards can't be on one post. Well my friends it is true, these rediscover Topps cards are as real as real can get.  These came courtesy of Brian of Collecting Cutch fame as a runner up prize for his contest last month in which you showcased your favorite cards of your favorite player.  He sent me a mega box full of all kinds of Pirate goodness that will take me some time to scan.  It was definitely WOW worthy.

I was aware of the Rediscover Topps cards but really hadn't paid attention to the different tiers. From most common to rarest here are the levels.
Any Bob Walk card

As you can all Bob Walk cards supersede whatever checklist you follow.

Thanks again for all the cards Brian.  A more formal showing off of the entire loot will follow soon. The Walk's were soooooo awesome!!!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. You may as well retire right now!

    1. I need to continue working so I can afford an Aarond Judge auto too....

  2. I'm glad you liked the box. The 87 and 90 captions actually made me LOL. I think there should have been a Kendall rookie Rediscover Topps in there too. I had a lot of fun putting together that package for you.

    1. The Rediscover card was in there....I covered it up by accident so it didn't get scanned.

  3. Game. Set. Match. I'm with P-town Tom. Just leave the mic on the stage and walk away.

  4. Your Bob Walk exuberance is one that I'm not sure can be matched by any collector. I love it!