The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, March 15, 2018

I Swear I'm not Sponsored by Leaf

2015 Leaf Trinity Ke'Bryan Hayes /10

A few years back I went through a stretch where I was adding Leaf Trinity autos on a regular basis. So many big names for the fraction of the price. The above card only cost me $3.25 on eBay! 

If you are not familiar with Trinity it is basically all the big prospects minus the Topps license. Most of the low numbered cards are either personalized like above or feature big patches. For this Hayes you get a nice big area for personalization and an on card auto.  

Hayes has been a top 5 prospect in the Pirates system since he was drafted. His cards are crazy cheap so I've been adding a lot lately.  This purchase was part of a bigger lot where I picked up 8 different autos. The average price per card was around $4 so I thought it was worth the risk. 

Thanks for reading! Go check out some Trinity cards. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kuhler Than the Other Side of the Pillow

2016 Bowman Chrome Chad Kuhl Auto

Today is the first day in a week that I've looked at cards.  My Grandmother passed away this past weekend.  While it is sad to lose a loved one, she had a very full/long life. The viewing and funeral was more of a celebration of a life lived than reflecting on the sad ending.  It was nice visiting with family I hadn't seen in years telling stories.  

Back to cards! Chad Kuhl wasn't much of a "prospect" coming out of college so he didn't receive the early Bowman treatment.  He had already made his debut by the time the above auto came out.  Like most players this card came out of the gate a little more hot, but has settled to the point where you can grab it for .99 plus shipping.  Such was the case with this one. 

I always like additions like this as Kuhl is projected to be in the Pirates rotation.  He has a big arm, but his command never really came around in 2017. He rarely would go past 5 innings. His ERA and FIP show about a league average pitcher, but the tax on the bullpen is rough over the course of the season

The Pirates seem to be trending towards the idea of putting a few multi inning guys in the bullpen to piggyback these short starts. Interesting to see how that plays out.  The Pirates may be cheap, but they haven't been shy about being the first to experiment with in game strategy. Its a well known fact that pitcher effectiveness drops drastically the third time through the order. If you have a roster that can limit that it may prove beneficial over the course of the season.  It takes a ton of depth so that will be the big test. 

Thanks for reading and thanks to Chad Kuhl for having a pun worthy name. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

It Goes On and On and On....

I'm use to Wes's craziness more than most, but this time around I'm having a hard time keeping up. It feels like as soon as I get a post up something else is in my mailbox.

Nothing too special here....just an autograph bat of one of my all time favorite Pirates Jason Bay. See what I mean....  Who does that? You are out of your mind.

The good thing is I'm making progress on a unique return shot.  Hopefully I can get that to you before Bob Walk knocks on my door to personally deliver an autograph.  Maybe you and I can just meet Walk and Willingham for lunch one day.  What is the halfway point between Morgantown and Hazel Green?

Thanks again for such a great piece.  I'm going to buy a nice mount for this bad boy and hang it up.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Paying Tribute

I think this is the only Aramis Ramirez card that I ever wanted and struggled to find. While his first tenure was short as a Pirate he did leave a decent amount of cardboard featuring him in the Bucco uniform. 

For whatever reason Topps decided to make an auto of him featured in the Bucco uniform in 2012.  I didn't really understand the thought process, but was happy to see the card made.  The weird thing is not many hit auction and most of the BIN prices were way more than I wanted to spend. 

2012 Topps Tribute Aramis Ramirez auto /99

Thankfully I stumbled into this card while purchasing another card. My usual practice is to see if the seller offers combined shipping and has anything else for sell.  Fortunately I found this card for $4. Not bad at all. 

Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Gypsy Oak

Recently I held a contest on the blog in which two of the winners were Red Sox fans (Mark Hoyle and Ron from Section 36).  Since my Red Sox stockpile was low I decided to do something a little different with the prize package.  I commissioned the artist Gypsy Oak to create some pieces for each of them.  

Of course he went above and beyond and really hooked each up with unique pieces.  I couldn't have been happier with the quality.  I'm an awe of his talents.  

As a thank you for the work, Gypsy Oak even hooked me up with a Barney Dreyfuss postcard! Check this out. 

If you ever want something unique for your collection shoot Gypsy Oak an email.  So incredibly talented! Seriously, how cool is that Dreyfuss.  So unique!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Another One Bites the Dust

Tonight is the Big 12 Tournament championship.  For the third year in a row WVU is going to be playing in it, but are still looking for their first win.  Hoping that we can finally get our first Big 12 title against Kansas tonight.  

In honor of the basketball game I thought I would showoff a recent addition to my Joe Alexander collection. 

I don't buy many basketball cards these days as it has been a while since WVU has produced an NBA player that could stick in the league (fingers crossed for Jevon Carter). All my focus is on legendary players like Jerry West, Rod Thorn and Hot Rod Hundley. Only Alexander and Devin Ebanks have seen time recently.  

I'm very weak on my knowledge of NBA sets, but I do know that some of these low numbered Murad cards go for big bucks.  I've lost a good bit of low numbered auto parallels from this set.  Even for a major bust like Alexander you can often see cards in the $20-40 range.  Thankfully this plate went for about $10 shipped.  Much more manageable and right about the max area I like to be on plates. 

If you do like throwback looking sets I suggest taking a look at the T-51 Murad set.  It is very cool.  

Thanks for reading and Let's Go Mountaineers!!! 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Lacking Hot Takes

You probably don't read this drivel for hot takes about whats happening in the world of cardboard. In fact I don't really know why you read my nonsense, but I'm grateful you come along for the ride. My guess is you all secretly think I'm Bob Walk or love hearing about a new middle reliever auto I picked up! 

As most of you know I'm not a set collector.  I'm always jealous of fellow bloggers that can dissect a set so perfectly and then compare it to sets across years.  These posts are important as they are nice change of pace from the "sick hits" collecting mentality on most social media sites. I feel like the blogs help as a nice way to show that people can appreciate all types of collecting.  Sometimes it is good to have a little base card appreciation 101. I'm just not the person to teach it. 

My collecting brain tends to focus more on content than design. I can look past a lot of design flaws if some obscure Pirate or Mountaineer is featured.  I love base cards, but don't feel like I'm a good person to give a review of an entire set.  The set as a whole could be piss poor, but if a Pirate middle reliever got his first card you better believe I'm buying that card.  I'm also likely posting said card on the blog and praising whatever Panini Pantheon Spectra Triple Play Onyx set it came out of.  

In some ways I kind of wish my collecting brain would tell me "hey that card is kind of ugly." Unfortunately the side of the brain that likes well thought out design is overruled by the one who likes variety. "Hey Matt this is your left brain, that 2015 Panini Prizm set looks like shit." More powerful right brain, THAT SET HAS A JARED HUGHES CARD!!!!.  That pretty much sums up my collecting and why I rarely do set reviews.  

Ok, I better show some cards now.  Maybe I'll try and do a review! 

Contenders is a well known football and basketball set that features a deep rookie checklist. I've long been a fan because deep checklists means I can find obscure Mountaineers.  When I heard they were making a baseball version I was excited.  The 2015 set was a personal favorite because it featured 3 Black Bears.

Whenever you feature college baseball you are obviously making a niche product. On the flip side it makes for a nice way around the MLB licensing issue.  If you like prospect autos you should check out this set.  You can get some big names for a fraction of the Bowman price.  I think all three of these cost me around $7 total.  Both Hayes and Newman are big prospects in the Pirates system and Kramer is coming off a huge season. 

Now all of you go out and buy Contenders autos based on this glowing review!

Thanks for reading!