The Legend

The Legend

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

Hey, everyone.  Since Matt he is currently on vacay, he has put me to work to fill in on my day off. So, I thought I would make a day post to go with all the day baseball today.

I pulled this box topper from 2013 Topps Archives, and while it was a neat pull, I've never really been sure what to think about it.

1971 Topps Greatest Moments Box Topper

Obviously, it would probably have more value if Braun had not been revealed as a steroid user.  Also, as a huge Pirates fan, I've never really enjoyed seeing Braun feast on my Bucs pitchers over the years.  Then, there is the issue of how you display these cards.

Does anyone out there collect box toppers?  Do you have any neat ways to display them?

Thanks for checking out the blog today, and Happy Labor Day everyone!


  1. Micah -- what do you want for this? I'd love to have it!

  2. Hey Tony, I usually consign all of my cards to Matt for trades. Shoot him a message, and I'll make sure we work something out. Thanks!

    1. I'll be back in town tomorrow. This will work out because I have a card to send you anyway.