The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Don't Judge Me NOW

I always feel like I'm a Topps NOW apologist, but I've enjoyed the experience.  Obviously I'm only speaking as a Pirates collector so my views can be taken with a grain of salt if you collect other teams. Since the program started I could only think of a few moments that I thought would receive a card that didn't. 

This year the Pirates seem to get cards in bulk.  Since I utilize the same seller I often get multiples in the same order.  Today I received a whopping four!

I know the ongoing joke on Twitter is that Aaron Judge gets a card for everything he does.  Judge hits homerun, scores game winning run, ties shoes...etc. Truth be told he probably deserved the attention since he basically turned into Babe Ruth for four months. If you break Yankees records you have to be doing something pretty cool.  Are his cards being produced to the detriment of some other big events.....maybe.  I'm sure Judge will get the benefit of the doubt for the foreseeable future judging by his sales. 

While this card isn't fancy it does prove one important thing.....CUTCH IS BACK! 

Josh Bell was the owner of my favorite NOW card from last year. Love the Cutch cameo. 

Any card featuring the gold jerseys is worth a purchase. The Polanco bear hug makes it that much better.
Another underrated NOW quality is that sometimes you get a card of obscure rookies!

Every time I post a NOW card I automatically want to post something from Spaceballs.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Spaceballs. Yup. You're awesome. The "Comb the desert" scene is my favorite of ALL TIME.

  2. I missed the Judge/Cutch when if came out. I definitely would have snagged it. Guessing I just wasn't paying attention during the holiday weekend.

  3. Nice judge and cutch! I still don't own a topps now Yankees card lol

  4. Four Topps Now cards? That's quite a haul. I still haven't completely bought into the whole Topps Now craze... but there's at least one card sitting out there that I've got my eyes on. I'll grab it one of these days.

  5. The Pirates have had some great cards in the set so far.
    I love the cards of the Tigers when I can afford them.

  6. I missed the Moroff, but have it on my radar to get. I just read that since May 26 when Cutch was temporarily moved to 6 hole he is batting .361/.464/.652. To say Cutch is back is an understatement. When you have an OPS in the 1.100 range you are putting up MVP numbers. It is a shame he struggled so bad in April and early May.


    1. looks awesome! I'll keep watching it. It ends at a nice time too so maybe that will prevent some people from bidding.