The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Group Break: Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary.

Brian from the blog Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary has hit the ground running. A few weeks back he announced a group break with one special was FREE! All he wanted in return was some cards in trade. I jumped in and took the Pirates.

The break featured the following sets.
1996 Pinnacle
1999 Fleer Ultra
2002 Topps Gallery
2002 Fleer Greats
2003 Stadium Club

Brian being the good guy that he is even threw in some extras.

 The original Frank Thomas!
I've been adding a ton of Cobra's lately. Yesterday I featured a new jersey relic and before that an auto.
Benson was a can't miss prospect when he came with the Pirates. While never panning out as a superstar he still had a long career. This is a nice on card auto from Best.
You can tell how bad the Pirates were when Giles played for them. Notice how the stands are empty. I was excited that Brian wanted to open some Stadium Club. Never a bad choice!
Fleer Greats was the top of my list when Brian was narrowing down his choices. A great checklist and simple design.
 My only insert was this gold medallion Aramis Ramirez from Ultra.

 Ultra had some cool shots. Love the Womack and Schmidt cards.
 3 Pretty big names in the Topps Gallery break. The Kendall is my favorite.


Let's end with a nice Cutch insert from Gypsy Queen.

Thanks for holding such a cool break Brian. I have found several cool mid 2000's cards that I think you will like. They went out today!


  1. I always love seeing Frank Thomas cards on your blog because I know soon after I'll see "THE ORIGINAL FRANK THOMAS!" Also, I love those Fleer Greats.

    1. I have a few autos from that set. One of my favorites!

  2. It was funny to me that Pepsi got a product placement in Topps Gallery . . . They could have painted anything in the background . . .
    I am really pleased with the break overall - I think teaming up like that (and your partnership with The Card Papoy) is a great way for everyone to boost their collection a bit.

    1. This break was a cool idea. Great icebreaker for your blog.

  3. That bit about Giles and the empty stands made me actually laugh out loud.

  4. That was a well placed "NOM NOM NOM."
    It was a fun group break for sure!

    1. Awesome idea by Brian. Great way to establish trade relationships.