The Legend

The Legend

Friday, April 24, 2015

Trade: The Underdog Card Collector

Zach and I are becoming frequent trade partners as this week I received another envelope from Mr. Underdog. In the envelope he had a note mentioning that he was part of a group break that included the Pirates. He was nice enough to send them my way.

I think this Pie Traynor was my favorite. This card is from SP Legendary Cuts which had a ton of cool Pirate cards. 

I love Craig Wilson. He is a guy that would be much more appreciated in today's game as his high obp and ability to hit for power as pinch hitter would be sought after. This is a parallel /499.

Grabow was a good left handed reliever for the Pirates, but he'll be most remembered as part of the trade package to the Cubs that netted us the prize arm of Kevin Hart (he sucked) and a throw in named Josh Harrison. Hart only started a handful of games for the Pirates. Harrison developed into a versatile All Star.
I'm guessing the Pinnacle cards was part of the group break. Always nice to see a Jay Bell card. I'm really hoping for a certified auto. He would be perfect in the Fan Favorites set.
 Spanky LaValliere!

Tony Womack was a late 90's favorite of mine. Hated when the Buccos let him go as they had a hard time replacing him at the lead off spot. 

The Chico Lind card feels like it should say "The More you Know" instead of Futures Stars. 

Thanks for all the great cards Zach. As soon as I dig out from the Jaybarker packages I'll hook you up soon. 

Have a good weekend.


  1. Right on, Matt! I'm stoked the cards made it to you and it's great to see them here on your blog! I agree, the Traynor is my favorite, though loving "catcher cards," the "Spanky LaValliere!" is a great shot. Good luck with Wes...I've been reading he's taking PWE and mailer bombs to a whole new cosmic cardboard level!

  2. ...forgot to click the "notify me" box, so that's the reason for this saying-nothing additional comment...

  3. It's almost time for the revealing of the seventh sign.

  4. Hey Matt, you ever heard of a guy named Ralph Kiner?