The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Plank Updates

Over the last few days I've been trying to update Bob Walk the Plank. If you notice on the right side of the blog I've eliminated the links to trade bait and the various player collections. Also you may notice that I've added a "Set Needs" page and a list of my so called "White Whales."

The trade bait link was eliminated because I found myself trading so much that I couldn't keep up with updating what was coming in and going out. When I come into trade bait I already have a pretty good idea who a card is going to so it really does me no good to post it on the blog. If I come into something really unique I'll just post it on the blog to facilitate a trade.

Player Collections are going to be added back to the blog, but in a different manner. The task was too daunting to go through my collection and try to make a huge project of getting everything organized and scanned on the blog. Instead I've focused on getting organized with binders at home. My plan now is to have links to albums for some of the main Pirates in my collection.  These albums will show off cards that have already been featured on the blog and will be updated whenever the player has a card featured on a post. At least that is the plan for now....

Set needs is pretty straight forward. I'm not a big set builder but usually tackle a few a year. Right now only 2 sets are featured, but I'll be adding more in the next day or two.  I made it is own page so I can easily take cards off as I obtain missing pieces.

The White Whales section has been a labor of love. The list is actually about 35 cards but for space purposes I knocked it down to 10.  These are all cards in which I've made multiple attempts on eBay to obtain but have lost out. Some cards are relatively common while others are short print parallels. For whatever reason the eBay Gods have not allowed me to buy these. A few of these are sitting in COMC and eBay stores, but prices are very high. While I posted these as more of a challenge for myself to complete, I welcome any help I can get. If anyone comes across these cards I would be happy to trade, or pay you back the purchase cost. Either way I would make it worth your while.

I'm also going to attempt a more feasible want list than the "White Whales" section. It will be added by early next week.

Yay for spring cleaning!