The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trade: Infield Fly Rule

Another new trade partner! Adam from Infield Fly Rule and I exchanged a few emails agreeing on a blind trade.  I told him I had few Rockies around and he said the same for the Pirates.  Man...he sure did have a few.  Adam sent me a priority mail box with 5 team bags full of Pirate goodness.  This group had a focus on late 80's early 90's.  I'll send you some more stuff to even things out soon Adam.  In the meantime I scanned a sample of what was sent.  All in all it was several hundred cards.

 Adam paid tribute to the blogs namesake.  Love the Stadium Club Walk!

 Another great Stadium Club Bonds pondering if he should start taking steroids.
 Every Pirate fan loved Van Slyke. What a great card showcasing him and Griffey.
I'm kind of hoping Bonilla will get a certified auto soon.  He was such a vital part of the early 90's Pirate success.  Maybe he has been approached and told the card companies no.  The Mets are paying his deferred salary for another twenty years so probably no reason to take time doing something you don't want to do.
Drabek was the ace of the Pirates during his tenure.  It was cool to see him throw the first pitch when the Pirates played the Reds last year.
 John Smiley had a long career with the Pirates and Reds. Gotta love Diamond Kings.
 Awesome Jay Bell action shot.
 Crappy scan by me.
Spanky!  Mike LaValliere stills helps the catchers during spring training and still looks exactly the same plus a couple lbs.
Some more modern cards of Jason Kendall.  One of my favorites in the early 2000's.

As I said before this was just a small sample.  Adam sent a ton of cards.  Thanks so much Adam. Sorting through these cards was a blast. Look forward to more swaps!  


  1. Replies
    1. They are cool. The stack of cards was a nice flashback to my childhood.

  2. You're welcome, Matthew! Glad you liked them.

    I can't decide who looks more unusual pre-steroids: Bonds or Mark McGwire.

    1. I think it is Bonds. His head and neck blew up. Did you see him throwing out the first pitch the other day at the Giants game? He is starting to look like Pittsburgh Barry again.