The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trade: Mark Hoyle (1972)

I think Mark and I are exchanging envelopes every other week.  Extreme trading! He feeds me great Bucco vintage while I supply the modern stuff.  It is a perfect match.  This time around Mark went with 1972 as the theme and even included the World Series cards! 

My favorite of the bunch! Collisions cards are the best.

How cool are these!  I love the last card showcasing the team celebrating and the huge smile on Manny Sanguillen's face. 

Mark has supplied me with several Stargell's since we've began trading.  I really like the In Action cards.
Jackie Hernandez doesn't seem to be showcasing proper bunting fundamentals and Steve Blass looks like he is wearing a garbage bag.
Dave Cash is trying to intimidate the photographer.
I've always liked this Dock Ellis card.  I need to get myself a nice Pirate old timey warm-up jacket.

Another great Stargell!

Did you know that Richie Zisk was inducted in the National Polish American Hall of Fame?  Neither did I.  You can now impress somebody by working that into conversation. Zisk is still involved in baseball as a scout for the Cubs.

As always Mark thanks for supplying me with great vintage cards. I think you have filled up a binder for me. 

To build some anticipation for our next swap I'll be sending you a really good auto.  I would venture to say it is the best card that I've sent your way.  Anticipation!!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love those 72s! I don't have 72s or 75s yet. These are my fave designs from my fave decade.

  2. I see that Mark's never ending well of 70's cards continues to deliver.

  3. Matt. I'm looking forward to what you have in store

  4. It's always good to see Hoyle in the mailbox!

  5. Great cards ! I've added those 'in action' cards to my want list a couple of weeks ago !

    1. They are cool cards. It would be fun to go after all of them.