The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Trade: 2 X 3 Heroes

Last week I exchanged a few emails with Jeff from 2 X 3 Heroes after seeing a Freddy Sanchez All Star jersey in his trade bait.  I sent him a few White Sox autos and he hooked me up with some Pirates and Penguins.  Here are the pics....minus the Pens auto as I traded it to my buddy Micah for some help on some sets I'm building.

Thanks again Jeff and sorry for not posting the awesome Pens auto you sent.  It went to a good home as my buddy Micah is a huge fan of the Pens.  Look forward to future deals!

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  1. No apology needed. I sent it so you can turn it into something amazing. I am glad it was used for that purpose.