The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, June 22, 2014

I Pulled a Pirate

Today was my daughters first birthday and baptism so all weekend was a mad rush getting things ready for a big family get together.  Yesterday I was up at Target looking for a fun birthday gift and decided to also buy a blaster of Series 2.  Here was the highlight....

Nothing too special, but it was cool to finally pull something that belongs in my collection.  

Time for me to go pass out......

Hope everybody has a good week.


  1. Puig has one of those. How do the cards look in person?

    Congrats on the pull and on baptism/birthday for your little girl :)

    1. I don't go out of my way to get these type of cards. This one looks a little cheap, but I have some that feature old Pirate logos and they are awesome. It kind of looks like something a little old lady would crochet.

    2. That was my impression. Funny how somebody in Topps didn't also see it that way.

    3. It was still exciting to pull McCutchen, but the design will leave you underwhelmed.