The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Trade: The Chronicles of Fuji (Awesome 8x10)

I've swapped cardboard with Fuji several times since I started Bob Walk the Plank. His wide variety of pcs make it easy to find something to send his way.  Yesterday as I was walking out the door to head to Pittsburgh for the Pirates/Reds game I received a large envelope.  Here is what Fuji sent me....

Check out this awesome 8x10 of Kent Tekulve.  This was such an awesome surprise.  I've showcased several Teke autos on the blog, but this is now my favorite piece.  My basement is decorated with a wide variety of 8 x 10 autos of Pirates so this will fit nicely.  

Nice selection of Donruss Buccos.  One more price drop on Donruss and I may have to open a box.  When it was first released there was a strong backlash from case breakers as the cards were not collated very well. Lots of stories of people pulling 4 or 5 autos of the same guy.  I only want to open one box so it shouldn't matter for me.

 Love the Jack Wilson action shot.  Always appreciate the Cutch cards as well!

The namesake!

Thanks again for the awesome picture and cards Fuji!  I always enjoy swapping cards with you.  Soon enough I should have another envelope for you.  

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  1. Glad you could use the Tekulve. I loved watching him pitch. Anyways... I really appreciate the generosity. Things are getting kinda slim in terms of Pirates on my end, but I might have a few WVU's for your collection.