The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Trade: Blog Follower Eric

A while back I put up a post mentioning that I had relic/auto cards for just about every team.  Eric messaged me and asked about my Twins trade bait and we soon worked out a deal.  Here is what I got in return....

I really like the Blass.  My hands were a little shaky taking a picture with my phone, so it does not do justice to how nice the actual card is.  Accumulating vintage Pirates is a goal of mine starting sometime in the winter.  My hope is to sell my Steeler collection in order to fund some high end Pirate cards I have had my eyes on.
 Skinny Bonds!
 Some nice Clemente's.  I really like the Tall Boy.
McCutchen and his new outfield partner Gregory Polanco.  The Pirates called up Polanco for the game tonight.  He will be batting 2nd and patrolling right field.  Pirates have a nice problem in that McCutchen might be the worst defensive player between himself, Polanco and Starling Marte.

Thanks again for the trade Eric.  Let me know if you come across any more Pirates.  I'm sure I can find a few more Twins for you.


  1. Apparently you're not just good luck when it comes to boxes--Polanco got his first hit and McCutchen homered! I hope that hit is the first of many for a guy Pittsburgh could really use.

    1. It's too bad he doesn't pitch as well. All and all not a bad debut. He made one bad play in the field that cost us a run, but I thought he had pretty good at bats.......especially since the starter was a lefty