The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Defgav Delivers the Rarest Relic Ever

Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown is a creative guy. It doesn't take long to figure that out if you follow his blog. His creativity even runs over into his trading. Back around Christmas Gavin sent me a Jay Bell autographed index card in which he turned into something one of a kind. I thought that would be hard to top.....

This past week I received this.

Where to begin. This card has everything from a nice auto, game used button and it's hand numbered. I'm thinking about putting it on eBay with a BIN of $999.99. 

This is why blogging is great. In a span of two posts I show off a T 206 and a homemade relic. 

This is a parallel /100. Keller was drafted in the 2nd round right out of high school so the Pirates are obviously high on the young pitcher.

Like Keller, Supak was also picked in the second round out of high school.  Projecting high school arms is impossible, but I guess if you have enough of them one will develop.

The cool thing is both autos are on card and very bright.

A nice relic of three time Pirate All Star Freddy Sanchez.

 Zane Smith was a good pitcher, but I seem to remember him more for being odd looking.
 Why can't I pull this tab? Will something blow up? Tell me Gavin!

Between Zippy and Gavin I'm compiling a Mitch Keller/Trey Supak mini collection. The Bowman Hanson and Keller are refractors /399. The shiny Gyorko is a nice WVU grab.

Drakes oddball!

An awesome group of Archives cards. The horizonal Law is a cool card. I have the auto version in my collection.  One cool thing about Frank Thomas is that he sometimes signs "The Original Frank Thomas."

As always Gavin thanks for the cards.  You should be getting my package tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great selection-Dear Bucos owners please return to the late 70s glorious unis!

    1. Thanks Brady! I like the 70's uniforms too, but the guys now what probably die of heat exhaustion wearing those things.

  2. Legend has it that if you pull the tab, you'll be attacked by a Wampa.

    I got a relic from Defgav too. It's a cool piece.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm just channelling my inner Brad Pitt from Seven. "What's in the box?" What's under the tab."

  4. Pul the tab. You have to do it.

  5. Ha, the tab is just covering up the disturbing oil painting of Brian Giles' face.. nothing too exciting.

    Glad you got a kick out of the cards. The fact that the end of my signature went off the card means it probably won't grade PSA 10, sorry to say. Still though, $999.99 sounds reasonable.

    Got your package today! Thanks a bunch.. I'll post about it soon.

    1. Nothing good comes out of trying to make Brian Giles into art.

      I'm sure if we pay enough we could get a gem mint grade out of one of those weird grading companies.