The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A 1/1 Breakdown

Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown recently made a purchase of some autographed index cards. Instead of adding them to his collection he jazzed them up and sent them out as gifts. I was the lucky recipient of this piece of awesomeness.

The neat thing about getting a Jay Bell auto is that I don't believe he has a certified version on the market (I could be wrong). Kind of surprising considering he was a popular player on the extremely talented early 90's Pirates. After he left the Pirates he reinvented himself and added some power to his game which helped propel the Diamondbacks to a World Series victory over the Yankees in 2001. I have a perfect spot on a shelf beside an Andy Van Slyke auto that will be this gems new home.
Gavin took the time to give a brief bio of Bell and a fun disclaimer on the bottom. I even got the artists autograph!

Along with the Bell, Gavin threw in a Steve Cooke auto form Leaf Signatures and Tyler Glasnow insert from Bowman Platinum. Glasnow will be the Pirates top prospect going into this year and has rocketed up the Pirates system. I'm guessing he will be a top 10 overall prospect and depending who graduates to the big league level might even be top 5. Cool card of an up and comer.

Thanks for thinking of me when you created the awesome customs. It truly is a unique card that I will give a good home. I'll be sure to send something your way as a thank you.

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  1. Gavin's customs are pretty special

  2. These sketch cards are awesome! Very unique and creative.

    1. This is why having a blog is such a unique experience. Finding people who can create cards like this!