The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Christmas Gravedigger

Julie from A Cracked Bat sprinkled quite a few Christmas cards in the blogosphere recently. I too was a lucky recipient. Check out the awesomeness that was inside!

When I originally opened the Christmas card I only saw the Lambo and then put the card aside. When I went back to scan the cards I saw this beauty. What a nice on card signature of the former Bucco. 

The gravedigger reference in the title had to do with the write up on the back of the card. It states that Hebner earned the nickname Gravedigger as he use to dig graves for his families business. The funny quote was that Hebner said "I like to tell people I'll be the last person to ever let them down."

I may be a default Andrew Lambo collector as he is featured in every Topps set. This is another nice on card signed in dark blue from Tier One. I really don't know what is in store for Lambo this year. The outfield is full and Pedro Alvarez is going to man first. Since Lambo is left handed he can't be part of a platoon as Gregory Polanco, Travis Snider and Alvarez are all left handed as well. It may take a new team for him to find playing time.

Thanks for the two great cards. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday! I'll be sending some more cards your way soon.

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  1. Now I ain't saying he a grave digger
    But he ain't messing with no live fellas.

  2. The Hebner card was so odd-looking, nerdy. I liked it! Pulled it from a pack. Glad you liked it too!

    1. Such a unique card. Thanks for sending it my way.