The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Trade: Off Hiatus Baseball Cards

Tony has been a busy with his career lately, but he still found time to bomb my mailbox with three team bags full of Pirates. I always enjoy going through the cards Tony picks because he is one of those lucky souls that gets to frequent card shows. This time the trade package had a nice oddball feel to it. Here are a sample of my favorites.

Right off the bat we have the legend. 

Here comes a boat load of Pops...

You can't go wrong with Pops. I like the 82 Donruss with the flip glasses and sweet hat.

The Manny on the left sums him up perfectly. That smile is something that you will see to this day if you see him in person. He is genuinely happy all the time. The card on the right is about as serious as you will see the former Pirate catcher.
 I've been thinking about growing my hair out like Baumgarten.

I was most excited for these old Cramer Baseball Legends. I've seen these before, but did not have any in my collection.
These are the Renata Galasso cards that feature a nice write up on the back of each players most identifying feat, like Maz's walk off and Haddix's "best game ever pitched."
 The first Cumpton is a refractor /500!
 I was a big fan of Sweet Spot Classics and have several autos from the set. I miss Upper Deck.
 M&M oddball.
 Panini stickers!
 Dog food and KMART

As always Tony thanks for the great assortment. You always seem to find some neat stuff. I'll keep my eye out for some new Brewers for you. Hope work is not kicking your butt too much.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice trading fellas. Two more cannonballs heading straight for morgantown.

  2. Great variety of cards...I seem to discover new sets day after day through these write ups !

  3. Manny being Manny. Before that Manny was Manny of course.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks man! Tony is a good trader. He always seems to have some unique items.

  5. Glad you got the cards, Matt, and that you enjoyed them. The funny thing about most of the oddballs that I have is that I have had them literally since they were issued!

    1. Those early 80's oddball stuff is a weak part of my collection. I really enjoy getting them in trades.

  6. Nice "Mazerowski" there! I need to find one of those.