The Legend

The Legend

Monday, December 19, 2016

Blogger Xmas Cards > Family Christmas Cards

I've had a nice run of packages coming in the last couple of days.  I love my family, but the blogging community knows how to send a Christmas card. Last week I received this from Adam of Cardboard Clubhouse.
 My daughter is addicted to Snoopy so I get to see plenty of him no matter the season.  No complaints though as it could be much worse than Peanuts.  In fact I actually like the Peanuts characters.  Watching shows like Caillou make me want to gouge out my eyes and shove pieces of splintered wood in my ears.  If you don't know what Caillou is consider yourself thankful.

 I love team cards!
 I often comment how tough vintage hockey players look.  Old offensive lineman could fit in that category too. I'm sure Kolb didn't leave many games with bumps and bruises.

 The Pens are looking strong again this year. I hope to head to my first game of the season in early January.
 Huge fan of Pro Debut cards.  Hanson will either have to make the Pirates or be subject to waivers as he is out of options. Strong candidate for a backup infielder role or the second base job if Josh Harrison is traded.
 Did you know Bob Walk won sexiest man of the year and Time Magazines man of the year in the 10 years in a row. It's true, go look it up.

.  I think Jim Smith was looking for his mom in the stands.

Thanks for the cards Adam.  Merry Christmas buddy!


  1. Looks like Jim's mom was bringing his hat and glove to the game because he forgot them at home.

  2. Glad they arrived safely. Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. Jim Smith: "Look you guys, I'm a BANANA!"

    1. Maybe the coaching staff should have used this card as I sign Smith needed glasses.