The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Fuji Trade

My good pal Fuji surprised me with a package last week. From the looks of it around the community he might have hit everyone.  You've been busy my friend. 

I've always liked this card. Don Slaught is just chilling and taken in all the action.  My guess is he isn't coming up to bat anytime soon. Also Desert Storm cards are awesome!
Here we have international sex symbol Mike Spanky Lavalliere. The guy just oozes athleticism.  Spanky actually still helps out the Bucco catchers during Spring Training.

This is a very catcher centric start to this post.  Ryan Doumit played for the Bucs for parts of 7 seasons. He would often flash some great offensive skills, but ultimately injury and defense kept him from reaching a higher status. Once the saber crowd started fine tuning catcher metrics it would show that Doumit was a historically bad catcher.

With all the negatives I still enjoyed Doumit. He was a funny guy that was easy to root for.  One has to wonder if the Pirates had committed to a position change if his career patch would have been different.

I have a few of these in my collection.  It looks like Freddy put on about 30lbs in this sketch. 

Pinnacle is always fun and I love collecting Pirates from the era right after the playoff years.  The Kevin Young is my favorite.
I don't think I have any of these in my collection so I was happy to see these. This is arguably Panini's best set.

Great shots all around with the Jay Bell being my favorite.

I've been begging for some more Pirate related Bonilla cards.  Please put him in Fan Favorites.

Early Cutch!

Man, Myth and Legend to finish things off.

Really appreciate you including me in your mass mailing Fuji.

Thanks for reading!


  1. That was solid package! The Desert Shield cards are really fantastic.

    1. Oh yeah for sure. I remember how hard those seemed to get when I was young.

  2. As a super fan of Archives Fan Favorites autographs... I've been patiently waiting for a Pirates Bobby Bonilla card for YEARS. Hopefully someone at Topps reads this post and the comments.

    1. Yeah, Bonilla is hated by all his other teams he played for, but beloved by the Pirate fans.