The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Make or Break Point

My wife and I once again will be hosting a ton of out of town friends for the WVU/Iowa State football game.  She is hosting her Physical Therapy's 10 year class reunion so lots of old friends will be running around town.

As for the game itself it feels like one of those crossroads games.  WVU has three losses, but they were all to really good teams (TCU, Virginia Tech and Ok. State).  Iowa State comes to town as maybe the biggest surprise in college football.  They've already beat two top 5 teams and have the clearest path to the Big 12 championship game. I hope we can pull off a big win and cause mayhem in the conference.

Here is a new card....

2015 National Treasures Bruce Irvin Patch /15

Bruce only played two years for WVU, but went down as one of the best pass rushers in school history. He parlayed that success into a first round pick by the Seahawks.  Last year he signed a big free agent deal with the Raiders. He came from a really tough background so it is really cool to see have a ton of success.

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    1. From what I can recall it was a really good time....

  2. Replies
    1. Been a while since I've added a card of Bruuuuuucccee.

    2. I wish there was a non-sticker auto of him out there...#thanksPanini

    3. Yeah, he really didn't have much considering his draft position.

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    1. Yeah it was fun. Always nice when the out of town guests are in.

  4. Congratulations on the big win and the new addition to your WVU collection.