The Legend

The Legend

Friday, May 23, 2014

Trade: Cervin' Up Cards

Mr. Zippy Zappy himself sent me a nice little care package in the mail the other day.  I've been sending Kenny some extra Yankees and he returns to favor with some Buccos.  This time he added some extra Pittsburgh flavor to the deal.  Check these out...

Pirates were few and far between in this years Bowman release.  Thankfully Kenny made my hunting easier by including a Brandon Cumpton rookie.  With the recent DFA of Wandy Rodriguez, Cumpton is in line to gain significant time with the Pirates.  I'm happy to see this as Wandy looked broken and the handful of spot starts made by Cumpton have been solid.

 Gerrit Cole has been solid this year.  Just wish I could say that about the rest of the staff.
 Here is some of the cool Steelers and Penguins Kenny added.  Especially like the Penguin goalie goodness.
 More Cole train.  I like the Indianapolis Indian version.
Bowman Vintage!
I was a huge Freddy Sanchez fan so this Finest /199 Freddy is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again Kenny for the cards.  I'll continue to ship some Yankees that I think you will like as I get them. Let's keep the trade going!