The Legend

The Legend

Friday, July 18, 2014

Trade: Night Owl Cards

On Wednesday I received a bubble mailer from the Night Owl.  Greg hooked me up with a great variety of Pirate cards.  Check it out....

 A jumbo Rick Rhoden card.  This is my first card like this so I was happy Greg sent it my way.
 I claimed the Parrot card when Greg was showing off his discounted Opening Day boxes.  The A&G Clemente and Maz have a great look.
A nice mix of former star Buccos.  Always hurts to see Aramis Ramirez as that trade will go down as one of the worst in franchise history.  Freaking Bobby Hill....
 The legend himself Bob Walk!
Some nice oddball Pirate items.

Thanks for the great cards Greg.  Always enjoy swapping cards with you.  I'll keep my eye out for some more Nomo cards for you!

Have a good weekend!


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    1. That was a cool card. I don't have any of those so I was happy Greg sent one my way.