The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Trade: Off Hiatus Baseball Cards

Tony from Off Hiatus Baseball Cards and I have sent a lot of cards to each other over the last few months. His box breaks usually yield some good Pirates while I have a ton of Brewers trade bait.  Check out the latest Pirate/WVU goodness I received yesterday.
 The West Virginia flag version of the Gyorko is pretty cool!

A couple nice Pedro parallels.  I really like the Opening Day version.  I'm attempting the master set and that was one I needed.
 Always a good trade when I can add a McCutchen!

 Tony's first box of Archives produced these nice Pirate hits.  The Stargell is the gold version /199

 Always nice to add a vintage card of some hall of famers!
 I've been on a nice run adding Parker relics in trades.  This is a nice bat card out of UD Heroes.

As always thanks for the trade Tony.  If anybody has any spare Brewer cards around do yourself a favor and shoot Tony a message.  He is a very generous trader, so you won't be disappointed.  Also, take some time and read Tony's other great blog highlighting the 1982 Topps set.  It is a very entertaining read.  

Thanks for checking out the blog.  I believe I'm caught up on trade posts, so tomorrow I will start showcasing some new Pirate cards!