The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Trade: Mark Hoyle

Mark and I have a good thing going.  I supply new Red Sox and he gives me awesome Bucco vintage. Mark started with 79 and has been working his way back.  This shipment is dominated with 77's and a few extra 78's he had around.  Check it out!

Teke is a personal favorite of mine.  I have a pretty nice collection of autos so it is nice to add some of his older cards. 

I love the 78 Stargell card!  Anytime I can add a Pops to the collection it is a good day.  Mark has turned my weak vintage collection into a growing powerhouse.  I've said before that my goal by the end of the year was to start focusing on vintage, and thanks to Mark I have a head start.  

Thanks again for the great trade Mark.  Your package is in the mail and should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday.  


  1. Well crap. I've got a ton of Buccos from 1977. Wish I'd known you need them.

    1. My vintage collection is pretty weak. My goal is to sell my steelers collection and use the cash to buy some high end stuff.

  2. Mark is awesome. Love that '77 Tekulve!