The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Trade: Mark Hoyle

Mark and I have swapped cards a few times in the past month.  He supplies me with awesome Pirate vintage and I send back some Red Sox autos/relics.  Mark has been working backwards as our first trade involved 79 Pirates.  Take a look at the 78's this time around.
 I've mentioned a few times on the blog that I've got to meet Candelaria a couple of times.  Nice guy!
 I love the Mendoza card.  Reeks of the 70's
 All kinds of awesomeness here.  Especially love the Tanner and Al Oliver.

Mark even threw in some more modern cards.  AVS was my favorite Pirate growing up so it is always nice to add some cardboard of the former Pirate center fielder.  

Thanks for the trade Mark.  I hope this becomes a regular thing.  Vintage is the weakest area of my collection.  You have been doing a great job hooking me up!