The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Maz and Fisk

I love dual autographs because it allows me to venture away from the Pirates.  This is one of my favorite dual autos in my collection. 

I guess the link here is historic playoff homeruns with Fisk's wave it fair homer and Maz's game 7 World Series shot against the Yankees.  When I get some time I would love to write an article about Maz the hall of famer.  Some say he is one of the least deserving people in the hall of fame, so that would be fun to compare some stats. 

Do any of you have a favorite random dual auto? 


  1. I have several favorite dual autos (a lot featuring Cutch, Cole, or Taillon, but my favorite random dual auto featuring a non Pirate is my dual auto/jersey of the Canadian born ex Pirates numbered to 50.

    1. That is cool. I'm slowly digging through all my stuff. I'm sure you and I can make good trade partners. I know I have tons of doubles.

    2. Absolutely. BTW....the dual auto/relic I was talking about is of Jason Bay & Justin Morneau

    3. Jason Bay was fun to collect. Some of my favorites were the WBC Team Canada patches. I'm slowly making albums for all my cards. Once I get far enough a long I plan on linking them to the blog. Look forward to talking to you in the future as I think we have a bunch in common.