The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Recent Mail Day/Random Thoughts

I love dual autos because it allows me to chase other players I like and still have the Pirates as the excuse for the purchase.  This Buster Posey/Tony Sanchez dual auto is from 2009 Donruss Elite and is numbered out of 100.  Obviously Buster is a household name with 2 World Series championships and an MVP under his belt.  He along with the likes of Andrew Mccutchen and Bryce Harper are becoming the faces of the NL.

Tony Sanchez is a wildcard.  A former first round pick (4th overall) in 2009.  Many thought that his pick was a reach as there were several high end arms available....not to mention a guy named Mike Trout who was picked 25th!. Tony hit the ground running early on, but injuries in consecutive years cost Tony over a seasons worth of playing time.

Tony finally made his major league debut last season, but playing time was hard to come by.  The Pirates were in the thick of a pennant race, so Russell Martin took most of the playing time.  It looks like the plan moving forward is to have Sanchez catch full time in AAA this year.  The Pirates will have a big question to answer next season as Russell Martin will be a free agent.  Will they trust Sanchez to become to full time catcher?  My own personal opinion is to resign Martin.  I'm a huge fan and if you believe in defensive metrics and pitch framing, Martin grades out high. 

* Who buys low numbered Bowman Chrome auto rookies?  Holy crap they are expensive.  I was watching a low numbered Austin Meadows /50 and it was already close to $300.  Unless the guy turns out to be Mike Trout or Albert Pujols it seems that card only has room to go down.  I could probably buy 50 random Pirate autos for the price of one of those cards

* Getting close to time where my friends and I bust another box.  Anybody open anything good lately?  Get some pretty good discounts on 2012 and 13 stuff as the new 2014 cards are hitting the market.

* Man I'm ready for nice weather and baseball....

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