The Legend

The Legend

Monday, June 12, 2017

This Trade Had the Kitchen Sink Too

Buckle in folks this is going to be wild ride.  My pal Dennis went overboard with his most recent installment of our ongoing blind trade.  This trade has long ago taken a life of its own, but Dennis takes it to another level. 

Fan Favorites is one of my all time favorite auto subsets, but it has been a little rocky with checklists in recent memory.  Vern obviously is a great choice, Skip Bayless not so much. 

Just a Ralph Kiner printing plate!!!!!!!

Getting all parts of Gorzelanny would be quite a feat.

This Kiner cut auto is enough to be a centerpiece in any big trade, but Dennis saved the big one for last. I'm already spilled the beans on the main even, but I'll show it again at the bottom of the post.

What makes our trades fun is that Dennis hits all aspects of my collection. The Jerry West cards are extremely nice and a welcome addition. I don't buy much basketball so anytime I can accumulate via trade it is a good day.

Two really cool Hostetler's. He still lives in Morgantown.

It took a while for Marc Bulger to get his chance in the NFL, but when he did he took advantage and picked up right where Kurt Warner left off.

Lots of new to me Mountaineers. The Triple Threads Bulger is my favorite.

When I was actively adding Steelers to my collection, the Bus was one of my favorites to collect.

Stanley Cup Champions!!!! Nice SP of proud mullet owner Jaromir Jagr.  Fleury likely played his last game with the Pens as rumor has it the new Las Vegas franchise is interested in the soon to be free agent.

Now for the Pirate section.
New cards of an old legend.  I love Topps Gallery but Maz looks like he was scared in that picture. Greats of the Game is an all time great set.
Impossible to choose a favorite of this bunch, but gun to my head I would choose the vibrant looking Pops Greats of the Game.

A nice look back at all the cool Honus Wagner cards in recent memory. The Diamond Kings has a great look.  Easy to get around the licensing issue for the pre war players.

The Candyman and Teke are two cardboard legends.

Flying Buccos!
Leaf Certified holds a soft spot in my heart because that set had autos of Craig Wilson and Jose Castillo.  Big bummer for people who actually pulled those out of packs, but super fun for me to chase all these years.
Back when DK had a license. The canvas cards were a nice change of pace.

One of the 10000 different Fleer sets during the late 90's early 2000s.  I loved all of them!

JR House was from WV and a great two sport star.  When I was a sophomore in high school he destroyed by alma mater and broke just about every state record for quarterbacks. 

Main event time.....

What a cut auto!!!! It is a 1/1 and features two all time great Buccos.  You truly wowed me with this one Dennis.

I don't know how I'm going to top this trade, but I'm drawing up a plan of attack.....

Thanks for reading.


  1. SWEET, even this ole Braves fan is envious. Congrats!

    1. I think guys like Pops and Maz transcend team loyalty. Hard guys not to like!

  2. Awesome! The cut 1/1 is really neat.

    I like the Kiner too. I need to pick up one of those cut check cards, just to have.

    1. You can find some decent deals for the Panini sets.

  3. My favorite - the J.R. House.

    It hits both the Pirates and WVU collection!

    1. Oh, and were you referring to the MHS/Nitro Championship game? I was at that one...but we left at Halftime.

    2. I stayed because I needed a ride back to Morgantown

  4. Damn Matt. You always find yourself getting involved in epic trade battles. Keep them coming. I'm the kid who likes to stand off to the side too afraid to jump in... but I love watching.

    1. This was grew organically....We just kept raising the bar each time.

  5. I'm with Fuji... don't ever dare step into the ring with you, but it sure is cool to have a front row seat.
    I've never seen the '09 Jack Wilson before... that's a pretty neat action shot!

    1. It's rare for cards in that time period to have good actions shots. UD was about the only one doing them on a regular basis.